A Guide to Studying Spanish in Cadiz

Learn Spanish Cadiz

Cádiz is a very peaceful and tranquil place to study Spanish abroad, and a great way to escape the crowds in busier destinations like Madrid and Barcelona.

Learning Spanish in Cadiz will allow you to immerse yourself in the language and local culture. Spanish schools in Cadiz have years of experience and will be able to provide you the chance to gain true proficiency in the language while also enjoying the unique culture.

This city is a very popular destination with people ether looking to learn Spanish or teach English and its easy to see why, there is a great outdoors lifestyle and a beautiful coastline. Cadiz is a really beautiful destination. You can sample local tapas, enjoy the nightlife and mix with trendy locals and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

The warm weather in this region and also the friendly nature of the local people make Cadiz an appealing destination to study Spanish all year round. Be sure to experience the 10 day Carnival festival in February where the city totally transforms into a wild open air street party.



  • Course Start Dates: Usually Monday, every week of the year
  • Lesson Duration: Generally 50 minutes for group classes and slightly longer for private classes
  • Class Size: Average 6; Maximum 12 
  • Minimum Age: 16
  • Schedule: Morning or Afternoon (Schedule determined by your school). Private lessons can be in the evening
  • Suggested Check-In: One day earlier
  • Cost: Courses can be booked in Euros or other currencies if booked online.



  • Shared housing
  • Homestays
  • Private room/appartment



The price you pay usually depends on the course, school and duration. You will usually need to pay a registration fee which include:


Help / Advice

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