Learn Spanish in Malaga

Learn Spanish in Malaga

Malaga is a popular destination to study Spanish. Located in eastern Spain, Malaga has sunny weather, spectacular beaches, lively nightlife and also lots of relaxating spots where you can focus on your studies.


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A Guide to Studying Spanish in Malaga

Study Spanish in Malaga

Malaga is a big bustling port city located on the Mediterranean and is a popular places to learn Spanish in Spain. In spite of being the center of the tourist industry on the Costa del Sol, it has a distinct Andalucían Spanish feel and culture. The city center and historic area is timeless with a vibe you could find anywhere in Spain.

To say Malaga is old is an understatement; it was founded by the Phoenicians in the eight century and originally called Malaka. Churches are tucked behind beautiful old buildings and Spanish cafes line the narrow streets. There is an abundance to see and do in Malaga, being the 6th largest city in Spain. 

Malaga is situated on the Spanish Costa del Sol, is an ever-popular Mediterranean travel destination, as it manages to provide the perfect combination of immaculate beaches, diverse shopping outlets and stunning cultural treasures. Joining the palaces including Marques de Valdeflores and Episcopal, to the Picasso Museum, Malaga has added yet another reason for cruisers to make Malaga a shore destination that they can’t afford to skip.

As one of the oldest cities in the world, founded in approximately 770BC, Malaga seems a fitting location to pay homage to Alan Turing on the 100th anniversary of his birth. Alan Turing, renowned World War II code breaker, is acknowledged as the creator of artificial intelligence in electronic machines. This performance will be a Turing Test of its own for Iamus, in answer to Turing’s first question whether computers can think. Will the concert’s audience believe that the composition was created entirely by artificial intelligence?

As with many Mediterranean locations, tourism from cruise holidays is an important business sector for Malaga. Offering a subtropical climate and an estimated 300 days of sun, the city has developed to be Europe’s largest city on the southern coast. This historic location draws approximately 6 million holiday-makers every year by land and sea.

The revenues which they bring have in turn been put back into the city to continue improvements to the infrastructure and amenities available. Malaga already boasts a major airport and the second busiest Iberian Peninsula cruise port.


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