Learn Spanish in Barcelona

Barcelona has a population of around 1.6 million people and is the 2nd largest city behind Madrid. Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations to study Spanish, you will find a great mix of people, things to do and language schools.


Spanish Language Courses in Barcelona

A Guide to Studying Spanish in Barcelona

Study Spanish Barcelona

On our guide to studying Spanish in Barcelona you can view information about the best language schools, the cheapest courses, read reviews and recommendations.

Barcelona offers so much, expect a warm climate, nice beaches, a great nightlife and a range of tourist sights to keep you busy. Its also a lot of people first choice when choosing a location to study Spanish and its easy to see why.

Barcelona is a diverse city full of different countries, people, cultures, landscapes and food. There are a world of possibilities open to you while visiting Latin America and learning Spanish is up there with our top recommendations. Book a course today and enjoy all that this city has to offer! 

Search courses today which are available to book now and join anytime throughout the year.


Best Spanish Language Schools in Barcelona



  • Start Dates: Most courses start every Monday, you can book in advance and join all year round
  • Duration: With so many language schools and courses you have a lot of choice, some classes last a week but we recommend staying at least 2-4 weeks for the full experience and to improve your chances of learning
  • Lesson Duration: Around 1 hour
  • Class Size: Average 6; Maximum 12. Uusally there are 3-9 people on courses and abilities are usually matched together
  • Minimum Age: Students need to be aged 16+
  • Schedule: Morning or Afternoon or sometimes evening



  • Host Family: One of the most popular options to stay with a local local family, half board or full board. Familes are carefully screened, friendly and you will be able to practise your Spanish all day
  • Shared apartment / Apartment: Individual, shared or a shared room for individual use.
  • Student Residence/Family Residence: Individual or shared. Breakfast, half board or full board.
  • Private Accommodation: Apartment or room for individual use). This will cost more and please note no meals will be included. Private Apartments are subject to availability and may include their own policies and fees, such as a deposit.


Cost & How to Apply

Language schools will require you to pay a registration fee, this usually includes: placements, course material, welcome pack/orientation, airport pick up, city walking tour, free wi-fi and access to computers and internet, in-country program support, 24/7 emergency contact and a course completion certificate. Prices vary depending on the duration, course and school. If you need any help arranging a Spanish course in Barcelona please get in touch,


Discounted / Free Spanish Courses in Barcelona

Throughout the year there are ocassionaly special offers on course prices. Long-term discounts are available when classes are booked with more than one person. Sometimes if you book as two or three people or more you might get a 10-25% discount on the total price. Some language schools in Barcelona will also give you free 1 hour Spanish language lessons if you get a friend or someone else signed up. 


Barcelona Spanish School Reviews

If you have ever joined a Spanish course in Barcelona and would like to write about your experience, review a company or share any recommendations please contact us.