Learn Spanish in Granada

Learn Spanish in Granada

Granada is a historical destination to learn Spanish, expect a unique culture and relaxed atmosphere. Located in Andalucía, in the southern most region in Spain, Granada is a really popular city with great value Spanish courses and top rated schools.  


Spanish Language Courses in Granada

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Study Spanish in Granada

Granada is a city located in Southern Spain that is not to be missed when thinking about studying Spanish in Spain. Granada is known for it's delicious tapas and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Granada is easily accessible by bus or train from larger cities in Spain such as Madrid or Seville.

The Alhambra in Granada is a must see, you can’t leave the city without a trip to the Palicios Nazaries!  The Alhambra was a fort and palace built by the Moors in the 600s.  The Islamic influence can be seen throughout the fortress and with the water pool found in the Court of Myrtles in Palacios Nazaries.  Muslim art features can be found in this palace including the Court of Lions.

Granada is a very cultural destination known historic sights and also free tapas with each drink that is ordered.  The customary tapas are small appetizers that can be anything from olives, cheese, or fried fish.  Some restaurants in other cities might give you a free tapa but in Granada they are always served with each drink, perfect for any traveler on a budget.  

Some popular tapas to try include patatas bravas that are spicy potatoes, gambas, which are the Spanish word for shrimp, or jamon, the Spanish word for ham. The Albayzin, the old Muslim neighborhood while the Moors were in power has some of the best views of the city.  It is a short walk from the city center and overlooks the Alhambra.  Arabic restaurants line the cobblestone streets. After seeing the sites you’ll be hungry.  


Learn Spanish in Cordoba

Located near to Granada is Cordoba, a city famous for it's architecture that tourists from all over the world come to see. The Moors built the Mezquita during their reign over Spain.  Over the years the Mezquita or the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba has been transformed from a mosque to a church based on who was ruling Spain.  

In the 600s it started as a Christian church, when the Moors were in power they converted it to a Mosque.  When the Spaniards regained control they kept the mosque features but used it as a church while building more editions to it.  It’s famous red and white arches are not to be missed while visiting Spain. The Patio Festival is a unique weeklong event in Cordoba each May.  

Cordobans open up their homes to the pubic to showcase their patios filled with roses, carnations, geraniums, and other flowers.  Spaniards and tourists come to Cordoba for this event each year to explore the city’s private houses.



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