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Travellers Worldwide

Travellers Worldwide was a leading international provider of Voluntary Placements and Work Experience Internships overseas.

They provided outstanding opportunities to volunteer, intern or study abroad in over 20 countries since 1994. Includes volunteering in Conservation & Marine Conservation, Animal Welfare, Working with Children and Special Needs.

They also offered superb Internships in nearly all Sectors, from Advertising to Zoology! And lots of Cultural Courses, Language Courses and "Off-the-Wall Courses! You could also do Cultural Experiences and Road Trips in many countries.

Everyone qualified for a Travel Experience with us, whether in your gap year, university, career break, sabbatical or retired, or if you're looking for an enjoyable travel experience that's different!


What Travellers Worldwide Offered:

Our 25 years of experience, all arrangements of your placement, accommodation (and food, depending on which project you choose), a warm welcome at the airport, excellent 24/7 support and back up from local in-country staff. Participants used to receive plenty of preparation information and materials and an expert team who arranged placements and ensure maximum benefit and enjoyment out of trips.

By choosing Travellers, you had the reassurance of knowing you're with a genuine organisation with 25 years' experience and many thousands of happy volunteers who have had excellent, worthwhile projects - we'll look after you right through to the end of your project.

Your volunteering benefited communities and gave people a lifetime experience!

Travellers Worldwide ceased operating in 2020.

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Travellers Worldwide Reviews

Great Experience

I went out to Borneo to volunteer and help with the orangutans and booked the trip with Travellers Worldwide. It was a great experience and I met some amazing people. I would highly recommend trip Travellers Worldwide and this experience for anyone who is looking to make a difference and help a really great cause.

By: Jack
Nationality: British
Age: 24

My Experience Teaching English in China with Travellers Worldwide

This is how I would rate Travellers out of 10 for my teaching program in Yantai, China:
Administration and Support 4
Accommodation 3
In-country staff / guide 3
Health & safety 5
Fun 4
Value for money 6

By: Sam
Nationality: British
Age: 20

Kindergarten in Brazil

In 2014 I worked through Travellers worldwide in a favela in Rio de Janeiro.
I can’t praise this experience enough. Everyone should volunteer in a country where you don’t have a common language at least once to start with. It makes the experience incredible. I worked for five months and really got in to the dayli routine, got to know the staff and children properly, still in touch with them today. The kindergarten was truly amazing, I felt welcomed and included and most important of all, I felt like it made a difference having me there. Even after my work hours and during the weekends the staff would invite to join them several time for different events. My volunteer coordinator, Karen was fantastic. I felt more like we became friends rather than a professional relationship. Even after I was done working in the kindergarten, and technically had no rights to her service, she still helped if there was something I needed.
I met other volunteers, staying for 3-4 weeks. To me, that little time seemed like a waste of time. That’s not enough time at all. 3 months should be a minimum!
I ve volunteered in Brazil once before, through an different organization. Where they had a different living arrangement, where I lived with a family instead of a hostel. Honestly, I preferred living with a family, with an other girl. But that’s just me...

By: Therese
Nationality: Norwegian
Age: 30

South Africa Animal Sanctuary Trip

I had a gap year back when I was 17 and travelled with Travellers worldwide to work with animals on a reserve in South Africa and loved every second!
It was a trip I’ll never forget and definitely helped to make me who I am today.
It was made so easy for me through booking and transport and the whole trip.
Thank you!

By: Leah
Nationality: British
Age: 23

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