You will get to improve your skills, boost your CV, meet new people, do something different and also get to explore a new destination. If you are considering applying but are not sure whether an internship is right for you, check out our top reasons why you should apply.


1. So Many Different Destinations

There is are so many different places you can intern, the hard part is deciding where to go!

Economies in places like India and China are booming and so maybe a trip to the far east appeals to you. Or is you would like to explore North America you could apply to intern in the USA or Canada. There are also work experience placements thoughout Europe, Australasia and Latin America!

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2. Applying Isn't Difficult

There are lots of local and international companies who offer an easy online application process making the experience easier of applying fairly simple. Some agencies offer internship packages which includes flights, accommodation and a stipend salary. A lot of placements do not even require you to have any previous experience.


3. Choice of Placements

Top reasons to intern abroad

No matter what career you are seeking you can find internships in so many different areas including: accountingarchitecturearts,  biologybusinessengineeringfashionhotels,  hospitalityhuman rights,  IT , interior designjournalism,  lawlinguistics,  marketing,  media,  medical and healthcare,  photography,  politics,  PR,  social media,  sports,  sustainable development,  tourism,  vetinerary and more.


4. Experience Different Cultures

The world is an amazing place full of different countries, people and cultures. You will get to adapt into a new surroundings, learn more about other people, integrate into a new working environment and experience things you might never of dreamed of. This lifestyle might be something totally different to what you experience back home which makes it an exciting challenge.


5. Boost Your Career

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Getting practical hands on work experience, improve your communication skills, build your confidence, ask questions and learn from skilled professionals.

You will have a much better understanding and knowledge after completing a placement. You will also gain an entry on your CV which will help you to get hired in the future. There are also things you will also pick up including independence and networking skills.


6. English Placements

Going to work abroad in a different country can be a daunting experience. Are you worried about your language skills not being the best? Don't worry, although you can go and intern abroad placements are most of the time in English.

Most placements do not require you to know any foreign languages as you will usually be placed with international companies who have English speaking staff. 


7. Make New Friends

Thousands of people intern in destinations all around the world every year, you will get to know other staff and make new friends. The experience of living and working abroad will be so exciting and in your spare time you will get to hang out with your new friends


8. Improve Your Language Skills

An internship overseas is a great way to learn a new language or pick up the basics. For example, you could learn Chinese in Chinastudy Portuguese in Brazil, book a Spanish course in South Americalearn German in Germany just to name a few options.


9. Go Sightseeing

You will get lots of free time to see more of your new destination with nights and weekends off. This is a great chance to travel and see more of your new country!

So you get two great experiences in one, a career boosting internship and the chance to travel! You can also make your friends and family jealous with the photos you will take - this really is one of the most amazing experiences!


10. Decide If This is Right For You

An internship can be an eye opening experience where you can decide if the intern placement area appeals as a long term career. You will have the option to learn things, watch people work and see if you enjoy the role/company/industry. You might decide that it is not for you, which can save you misery later on in life being unhappy with a career.