A lot of teaching jobs can be arranged over the internet or in person and sometimes it can be risky not know much about a placement or organisation.

Check out our top tips for being safe when applyling for teaching jobs abroad. 


General Guidelines:

  • Most TEFL courses and language schools offer job hunting advice and can guide you to reputable institutions
  • As a rule we recommend never providing a person or school any credit card information
  • If you are requested to supply documents for example ID or proof of a qualifications always use photocopies. Documents are easily lots or misplaced and it can be difficult to obtain originals again
  • Always ask fellow teachers / previous teachers for advice and their experiences
  • Check websites like Facebook for experiences and contact people who have taught with a school or institution. LinkedIn is also a good resource
  • If you do not feel safe about providing your contact / address details possibly set up a forwarding address
  • Use a new e-mail address not associated with any Facebook or social network page, it is very easy for people to view more information about you
  • Some agencies might require a deposit - check to see if they are reputable
  • Trust your feeling - does this feel right? Does anything seem strange? Has anything causes suspicion?


TEFL Job Interview Advice

  • If you have arranged an interview but feel uneasy or unsafe at any time it's best to leave and seek a better opportunity
  • Try to gain as much information as a teaching location as possible, if at an interview the area doesn't seem nice you might not want to be walking in this area late at night or by yourself
  • Try to tell a family member or friend where you are going for an interview and with which organisation
  • Research research research
  • Prepare by finding out how long / how to get to an interview location
  • Almost always interview are during the day, its very rare interviews are at night
  • No reputable institution will ask for a deposit or a down payment for accommodation, visa etc


Teach Safety Tips

Choosing a Destination

It can seem quite daunting going to live and work abroad in a foreign country. If it is your first time and you want to make the process easier the following tips might help:


TEFL Safety Tips

Before Departing

  • When you arrive in a country register your details with your embassy as soon as you arrive in the host country
  • Get travel insurance
  • Check your passport is active for the duration of your trip
  • Some countries require you to have certain vaccinations, check this at least 8 weeks prior to departing
  • Create and keep photocopies of documents e.g. your passport and leave one with your family and take one with you
  • Try to handle your money, get foreign currency and take a backup
  • Make sure your credit card will work in your destination
  • Be friendly to other internationals - try to make new friends who will be able to help with your integration


These are just a few of the recommendations we have for attending interviews or applying for jobs. Like any situation in life, if something seems to good to be true it usually is and you should be wary of these. For example if a job is offer a lot more than the going rate, or if someone is asking for a deposit or something similar keep your wits about you.

We always recommend applying through a reputable TEFL organisation for a safe experience. View TEFL jobs abroad today.


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