Work as a Teacher in Laos

If you would like to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime while making a difference in the lives of others, teaching in Laos is an incredible experience you'll never forget.

Some local and international organisations place participants to provide education to individuals and groups and help equip them with knowledge, skills, attitudes and qualifications necessary to pursue their goals related to the social, civic, and economic development of the country. If you would like to take a TEFL certification course in Laos then you can book one of our online courses and the study from anywhere in the country as long as you have access to the internet. You might also like to view options for taking a classroom TEFL course in Asia.

View our guide to teaching English in Laos which includes useful application information and recommended employers. 


Where to Seek TEFL Employment in Laos

  • International Schools
  • Language Schools


Best Time to Get a Teaching Job in Laos

There is no best time to get a teaching job in Laos, you can apply all year round.


Salary for Teaching in Laos

You can expect an average monthly salary of around £250 - £700 (US$500 - $1,000). Usually you will be paid in either the local currency, the Lao Kip or US dollars. Some teaching jobs are unpaid though. 


Cost of Living

Laos has one of the lowest cost of livings in Asia, especially compared to Thailand, Cambodia, China and Vietnam. Although wages in this country are not high, you will easily be able to get by each month.



  • You will need to get a work visa which can be arranged through an in-country employer.



  • You will need a bachelor's degree and a recognised TEFL certification to get a job at an international school or language center. If you going to volunteer in Laos and teach English then there are no application requirements or professional qualifications required.


Top Tips for Getting Teaching Employment in Laos

  • Try to get as much experience as possible before applying, if you have previous teaching experience or work with children this will be an advantage
  • Try to learn some basic Laos words and phrases
  • Get chatting with locals and other international teachers


Best Places to Work as an English Teacher in Laos

  • 21st Century School is located in the capital of Laos; Vientiane and offers paid teaching positions. You could also take a local Lao language course here.
  • ARDA Language Centers have been operating in Laos since 1996 with three schools in Luang Prabang, Pakse, and Vientiane. You will need a TESOL certification to apply. 


Laos TEFL Reviews

If you have ever been to teach in Laos and would like to share your experience and advice please contact us.


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