A Guide to Teaching in Myanmar

Myanmar (previously known as Burma) is a country located in Southeast Asia and is one of the more exotic countries for TEFL teachers. Myanmar shares borders with Bangladesh, ChinaIndia, Laos and Thailand and you will get lots of time to explore your new surroundings in your spare time. You will get a unique experience and be able to be immersed in the country whilst helping friendly local students.  

As a teacher in Myanmar you will be able to fill the vital role of sharing knowledge and skills to help young adult students reach their goals related to community development. Teachers are needed for a range of classes, mostly pre-Intermediate English classes focused on academic, listening and speaking classes. Other classes include Social Sciences, Environmental studies, and workshops in areas including art, dance, public speaking, research, grant writing, etc. Teachers are encouraged to share their interests and talents with prior approval.

Teachers generally spend 3 hours/ day up to 20 hours/ week in the classrooms. You will be able to consult with the program staff in Yangon about logistical, social or academic issues that may arise. In addition to teaching and logistical support, volunteers receive some financial support to offset their expenses during their placement and support arranging an appropriate visa. Working as a teacher in Burma requires pragmatism, patience, independence, initiative and a genuine respect for the host people and their culture.


Top Reasons to Teach in Myanmar

  • The locals are some of the friendliest in the world
  • This country is a lot less touristy than Thailand
  • Low rent and food costs mean you can easily save money
  • Teachers are very respected
  • See spectacular places in your spare time
  • The country is free from Western commercialism - get here before the big companies arrive


Best Time to Seek Employment

There is no best time to teach in Myanmar.


Top Tips for Teaching in Myanmar

There are lots of different languages spoken with Myanmar being the official, you might want to learn to words and phrases which will help make the experience more enjoyable. Some local people also already speak English, this is due to the colonial days of Burma when it was under British rule. You might want to consider taking an online TEFL course in Myanmar or search TEFL certifications in Asia. We also recommend avoiding talking about politics with local people.


Why the Need for English Teachers

Myanmar is welcoming a new age of democracy and has opened its doors to international visitors and tourist is growing rapidily which in turn is bringing in investment and boosting the local economy. Tourism is going to be one of the biggest employers in the country and so people both young and old are keen to get to grips with the English language which will provide them with a better career and more money.


Best Places to Seek TEFL Employment in Myanmar

Most English teaching jobs are available in the larger cities like Yangon (Rangoon) and Mandalay. There are opportunities to teach in more rural locations but jobs are limited.


How to Get a Teaching Job in Myanmar

It is difficult to find teaching jobs in advance, most positions are not advertised on the internet. There are an increasing amount of private language schools and international schools opening up in Myanmar and our best recommendation is to seek out jobs locally whilst in Myanmar by going door to door to language schools. Local newspapers and jobs boards usually have postings for TEFL jobs which can be a good way to find vacancies. You will usually need to have an interview in person and the process is usually very quick compared to some countries which are made more difficult with red tape.



Wages for teaching in Myanmar are low compared to teaching in Asia and countries nearby. A lot of positions are unpaid which is perfect if you would like to give back, help local people and make a difference through volunteering in Myanmar. If you have experience, a degree and a certification you are likely to be paid more.



Most people enter Myanmar on a tourist visa and then either work cash in hand or after you have got a job, you can apply for a Myanmar business visa. You will need an invitation or recommendation from a language school to obtain a business visa.


Eligibility, Requirements & Qualifications

Every school has different eligibility criteria, some require minimum qualifications or just enthauaism whilst others will required certifications like a TESOL, CELTA or TEFL course, a BA degree and previosu teaching experience.

Ideal candidates:

  • Speak English with native-fluency
  • Can commit for 10 weeks – 12 months, with some exceptions
  • Are flexible and hard working people with experience living in developing counties
  • Have teaching experience or strong academic backgrounds
  • Are aware and culturally sensitive to Myanmar’s traditions and ways of life


Health & Safety

Despite what you might think, Myanmar is a very safe country to teach in. The military rule is over and although this country isn't as developed as other nations, it is not as basic as you might think. If you do encounter any problems healthwise though we recommend crossing the border into Thailand to seek medical attention.


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