But are they really a necessity?

If you are wondering what are the advantages of internships and if they are worth it, view our tips.


1. Gain Experience

Getting a foot in the door of a company to get on the career ladder can be tough, but having internship experience on your CV will look amazing to future employers.

Applying for jobs in the current world market is very difficult, especially the graduate job market which is very competitive. Having industry experience in a specific field will really help your CV stand out in the crowd.

Just image you are recruiting for a job and in a sea of candidates one has already got experience working for a company - which one stands the best chance of going ahead. 


2. Lots of Different Industries

There are so many companies which recruit interns and no matter what you are studying or industry you are keen to gain experience you will be able to find a placement to match your interests. Internships can be found in areas like:

Accounting and FinanceArchitectureArtsBiologyBusinessEngineeringFashionHotelHospitalityHuman RightsITInterior DesignJournalismLawLinguisticsMarketingMediaMedical and HealthcarePhotographyPoliticsPRSocial MediaSportsSustainable DevelopmentTourismVetinerary


3. Short & Long Term Placements

If you are a student or already in employment finding the time to do an internship can be difficult. Some companies do require a certain commitment e.g. 1-12 months but others are more flexible.

You can apply for placements with short and long term placements, there are even intensive taster weeks available. Some progams can also be undertaken part time and easily be scheduled around your weekly routine.


4. Worldwide Locations

City skyscrapers

You can find internships in the UK and all around the world. Applying for internships abroad is an exciting way to live abroad, work in a new environment and go sightseeing in your spare time.

There are so many amazing places you can go, from huge famous cities to smaller more rural locations. Popular destinations include USA, Hong Kong and Spain.

Search placements today:


5. Educational Institutions & Agencies Can Help

Putting together an application and applying for an internship can be stressful. Sometimes you can send out countless applications and not get a single response.

Throw in the fact you might be busy with life/studying/working it can leave you feeling as though you don't have time to keep applying. There are lots of help available, if you are at university there should be a career department.


6. Some Placements Are Paid

Professional girl on phone

Some companies offer paid internships whilst others can help towards the cost of travel and meals.

This can help allievaite financial pressures as it can be a big commitment to confirm an internship place but then have to worry about having enough money to get by.


7. Make New Contacts

Getting a foot in the door of a company to get on the career ladder can be tough, sometimes it really who you know not what you know.

By interning in a company you will meet new people who have probably been working in the industry for years. They might be able to help you get a position with the company you intern, or have friends or contacts with similar companies.


8. Get Employment 

We're hiring sign

Some companies offer full time postions on completion of internships to the right candidates.

This will really depend if there are any vacancies available and you will need to make a really good impression. But for example, if there is an opening and you have already integrated into the team then why would a company need to look elsewhere?


9. Help Decide a Future Career

The experience will hopefully help you to narrow down your list of potential careers. An internship is all about adaption and learning.

You might choose to join a placement in a specific area and then realise this is your dream career choice. Or you might hate it and realise a long term job in that industry is really not for you. Internships really are a great option either way.


10. Have Fun

Internships will help you develop personally as well as professionally. You might get to experience something totally different to what you have done previously.

You can also gain an unforgettable life experience where you might meet new friends, get to live in a new location and explore new surroundings in your spare time.