There are a wide range of work and travel opportunities in the USA, Canada and worldwide.

View our guide to the best programs and companies similar to Camp America and arrange an amazing trip to work abroad today.


Top Rated Similar Companies

If the idea of working at an American summer camp appeals to you but you are not sure Camp America is right for you then there are similar companies which offer jobs abroad. Below you can view other companies we recommend where you can also see feedback from past staff:

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AmeriCamp, we turn your American dream into an exciting reality by not only offering incredible summer jobs at camps in America, but a salary that truly allows you to travel all over the USA.



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InterExchange Camp USA has been placing young adults from around the world at summer camps in the USA for more than 40 years! As a nonprofit organization, they keep their fees low, so you can keep more of the money you earn.


Other companies which aren't as highly rated:


Alternative Jobs

There are so many different temporary summer jobs, part time summer work and resort work which can be found in countries throughout the world. Popular opportunities incude:


Still Undecided?

Working at a summer camp in America with Camp America is very popular, maybe give it another thought? You might also like to view Camp America reviews to see if that helps persuade you. Browse our website to find alternative travel programs or contact us for specific advice.