BUNAC offer working adventures worldwide since 1962. Whether you want to work, intern or volunteer abroad we have a variety of unique programmes in Asia, Africa, Americas and Australasia to choose from.

BUNAC are an organisation for travellers, by travellers. We have some of the best heads in the business working round the clock to provide the best working experiences worldwide. BUNAC offer a personal service to each customer and are built up of a team of well seasoned travellers that can offer sound first hand advice.

Taking part in one of our programmes may change your life, affect your career choices and will certainly alter the way you look at the world. A work, volunteer or internship abroad adventure has the potential to be one of the most fun, rewarding, exciting and challenging things that you will ever do.

You can combine the everyday working life of a country with exciting travel possibilities to some of those destinations you never thought you’d reach. Not only do these programmes add some international sparkle to your CV, gain career relevant skills, they also provide an excellent talking point for at job by working, volunteering or interning abroad.

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BUNAC Reviews

Great support throughout the application process, best summers ever!

I used Bunac 2 years running for their summer camp USA program! They’re so helpful in answering phones, emails and questions quickly and always happy to offer support and advice when needed. The hiring fairs and orientations are also well organised and very useful! And as for the program, I’d recommend it to anybody! Hard work but sooo many incredible memories and experiences! Worth every minute and every penny!

By: Claire
Nationality: British
Age: 20

Helped me escape my late 20s rut!

I honestly would not be sat here in Canada with a successful job if it wasn't for BUNAC's amazing service. From the planning stage, to the moment I landed into Vancouver, BUNAC and the swap team have been there for any worries or questions I have had. I never knew a programme like this existed especially the fact that I am on the older side of the spectrum for the IEC Visa. But by chance an advert came up on my Facebook on a day where I needed a change. Before I left the UK I recommended BUNAC to as many people as I possibly could, because who wouldn't want to explore the world. Thank you again :-).

By: Charlotte
Nationality: British
Age: 28

Working Hokiday in New Zealand with Bunac

This was a life changing trip for me! Bunac helped with all of the little things you need to work and live in another country and was there for support while still allowing the complete freedom to travel and do whatever you want. I highly recommend them! :)

By: Stephany
Nationality: USA
Age: 27

Good experience

Good experience, Ramon was my adviser person and very helpful keeping in touch via Facebook etc
Also he helped with my transfer when I had to move employer due to circumstances at my first employer. I think I’ve grown emotionally and mentally this summer. A good experience, I’ve made lots of new good friends (and enemies) seen an area I wouldn’t have explored otherwise.

By: India
Nationality: English
Age: 20

Summer in the Hamptons

I worked in the Hamptons NY this last summer in a hotel. I cannot recommend this experience enough, I have gained invaluable experience that looks great on my CV, made genuine life long friends and got to see parts of America that without this opportunity I would never have seen! Thank you Bunac for the summer of a lifetime

By: Sarah-Jayne
Nationality: British
Age: 24

South Africa

BUNAC were really great as a first solo trip travelling group. They contacted me and made sure I was up to date with everything, I had to change some flights whilst I was out on the trip in South Africa so I could extend my stay and they made it very easy to change. The whole trip, from before I left, to arriving at the airport and heading to the short stay hostel in Johannesburg, to leaving for the rhino conservation in Limpopo was all planned out. All the staff were really friendly and made sure everything went smoothly.

By: Aimee
Nationality: British
Age: 20

Working in Australia with BUNAC

I arranged my working holiday to Australia with BUNAC. The best thing about the experience was the group flight and making some really good friends who I'm still in touch with today. I love Australia but I found the job support and help from BUNAC pretty unhelpful to be honest.

By: Lucy
Nationality: UK
Age: 23

Travel NZ

After travelling NZ. Bunac was a big thing because it gave me a lead in and then it was all up too me.
If you think it's going to be a pre planned holiday you are looking for the wrong thing.
When I first went travelling I really needed something that made me less nervous and made me feel like things could be easily organised. And the do help you sort options and banking and all that.

However, they are designed to sell you things and they don't really explain the money side to you when you first get there and after you've left the nest you do become very much 'this is up to you now'
My travel was great but do keep in mind that they aren't there to hold your hand more as a jump start which I personally didn't realise.
Being able to do a group flight gives you a sense of calm because you aren't alone but it doesn't tend to last if you have your own plans.

They were good as a jump start but after that don't expect too much and be ready to take care of yourself. Travelling is a good way to learn independence and self awareness.
Remember these guys are still a business and they do try and sell you things at the start and not all of them are a good idea right at the start of your travells

By: Jansen
Nationality: British
Age: 20

Couldn’t recommend them enough - Summer Camps

BUNAC have been great to work with over the last four summers. They found me a last minute placement at my camp back in 2014 and it changed my life. I have gone to the same camp for four summers now and BUNAC have made the process very easy as my role continues to grow. Yes, you have to chase them sometimes for info but they’re are normally very on top of it once you give them a call.
When I had a death in my family in 2015 and had to go away close to the date I needed to get my visa for the summer they helped me sort everything out over the phone because I had very limited internet access.
They have a personal feel about them and I couldn’t recommended them enough!

By: Ajay Henry
Nationality: British
Age: 26

Cheap but don't expect a lot.

I've used BUNAC for two years now. The first year was much better than the first although it still wasn't great. As a new member you are treated better than a returner. As a returner your pretty much forgotten about and communication is awful. I had to ring them at least 7-8 times to chase things up...if I hadn't I would never have gotten everything sorted in time. On the plus side they are one of the cheaper company's for summer camp and if you are willing to spend a lot of time chasing them up go for it.

By: Megan
Nationality: White British
Age: 21

Work Australia

I went on the group flight to Australia with BUNAC which I can’t recommend more. It eased my nerves and made the whole process so much easier. I met some great people and had the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong and spend a guided week in Sydney. I made a best friend for life through this trip and it is a perfect way to move away if you are a solo traveller. However, as I have a vocational career the work package wasn’t particularly helpful to me as it is tailored to helping find bar work, farm work jobs. However, if this is the work you are looking for, they couldn’t have been more helpful.

By: Emily
Nationality: English
Age: 25

Work America

I've participated in the work America programme with bunac twice - after my first and last years of uni.

The first time Bunac helped me find a job, sending me regular jobs they thought we're suitable and setting up interviews. The second summer I was able to bypass the need to look for a job as I returned to the same place.

Would recommend bunac.

By: Elli
Nationality: British
Age: 25

Work Canada 2016

I can't fault my experience with BUNAC. After struggling to find work in Canada and feeling nervous about going without a job lined up, I decided to join the BUNAC Ultimate Package. Everyone I dealt with was very helpful and I was never left waiting for a response. With their help I secured a job at my first choice ski resort. I also liked the use of the work canada facebook group. It was a great way to meet people, ask questions and share travel plans. I didn't contact BUNAC while I was in Canada but it was good to know they were available if I needed help. The SWAP office contacted me apon arrival in Toronto providing me with lots of useful information. I also had access to their online jobs database. If your looking for someone to do all the work for you then you're going to be disappointed (with any company.) However, If you'd prefer to have a 'safety net' and need some help getting started, I can't recommend BUNAC enough!

By: Charlotte
Nationality: UK
Age: 28