AmeriCamp offers you the ultimate summer camp experience with one crucial difference to the other companies.

We offer the highest salaries in the industry in order to ensure that you are paid fairly for your work and have the financial means to travel the US or Canada for 30 days after camp.

AmeriCamp offers you the ultimate summer camp experience with one crucial difference to the other companies. 

We offer the highest salaries in the industry in order to ensure that you are paid fairly for your work and have the financial means to travel the US or Canada for 30 days after camp. With zero costs on camp, you know exactly where the money you earn will be going - exploring North America! 

(Fun fact: you may be working alongside other counsellors at your camp who are doing the same job, but on a much lower salary through another company. Try not to brag!) 

Working with close to 1000 camps, each with something unique to offer, we place you at the camp of your dreams and support you throughout the most rewarding summer you can have!  

With our programme, you can grow the skills you already have whilst developing new ones at the camps unique facilities. 

Whilst doing this, you will ensure children aged 5-15 will be having the summer of a lifetime and developing hobbies and passions of their own. 

We don’t know a single AmeriCamper to have left camp without friends for life and we’re sure you’re no exception! Get fully involved in this unique experience and build your international connections whilst you’re escaping into your beautiful camp’s scenery. 

AmeriCamp is a fantastic way to boost a graduate CV. If you wish to work in coaching roles in the future, our programme is a wholly unique way to gain this experience. We work with many underprivileged and special needs camps in addition to our traditional camps that always need helping hands! Regardless of your career path, AmeriCamp shows employers you are passionate, outgoing and resilient!

Our program is open to everyone, so If you have the summer free this year, we highly recommend jumping in!



We place you at one of our many AmeriCamps across the USA or Canada for 8-12 weeks, starting around mid-June, following an informal application and interview process!

You will act as a mentor to young campers by using your unique personality to ensure they have a wonderful summer. This involves supporting them through an array of fun activities, both sporty 🏀 and creative 🎵

The work you do this summer will not only be a fantastic stepping stone for future endeavours, but is a character-shaping journey where you will make a difference and gain connections from all around the world! 


Programme Fees (inc. medical insurance cover, food, accommodation and 1-1 support!): 

  • Deposit: £40 
  • Second Stage: £70
  • Final Payment: £169 (£189 from 1st January)

There are third party costs for flights, visa and a criminal background check. We make sure you get the best deals on flights that are fully tailored to you (no misleading ‘package’ deals)! 

Everything you pay to us and to get over there, you will earn back in your salary + a lot more on top of that 

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Tel: 07939 864 714 OR 0161 312 3640

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AmeriCamp Reviews

Everybody should go to camp

Americamp has been the best decision of my life! Going to camp built my confidence and Americamp helped every step of the way! Would 100% recommend

By: Jodie
Nationality: English
Age: 18


From day one I felt part of a family with AmeriCamp. I was assigned a member of staff to interview me and she remained helping me throughout the process right until orientation. All the staff are so friendly, they’re working around the clock to make sure every applicant has what they need. Furthermore their application process is super quick and easy, plus it’s all online! They also make sure the whole process is affordable to everyone and keep the costs as low as possible which is awesome, as it mean you have more money to spend in the states! I can’t wait to return to my camp next year through AmeriCamp, and hope to do so for many years.

By: Katie Maloney
Nationality: British
Age: 20

Superb company

Had the best summer in America.
Got placed at a special needs camp in Maryland.
Americamp made the process so easy and explained each step and if you had any questions there was always someone to help.
This company offered the lowest fees so you had a bit extra to spend while over there

By: Robyn Lyons
Nationality: British
Age: 22

Life Changing

Americamp was honestly the best thing I have ever done. I started off quite shy and anxious about everything, but at soon as you get stuck into camp life that all changes. You are dancing around on the tables, signing at the top of your lungs. It's just a really amazing time.

I strongly recommend going with Americamp, I tried to contact various other companies before and none of them responded in the way Americamp did. The staff are so dedicated to it all, they really want to help you. You don't earn millions, but you earn more than any other organisations, and this really does help the bank so much.

If you want to change your life and make memories that will last a lifetime, sign up to Americamp.

By: Megan
Nationality: United Kingdom
Age: 20

Americamp were amazing!

I have just completed my second summer working in a Girl Scout camp in the USA amd both summers the team at Americamp have been incredible. I phoned them so much with so many questions, especially my first summer and it never felt like it was any hassle. I felt like they knew me and they were so friendly. When i went to a camp fair I didn't find a camp that suited me and I spoke to someone on the way out and mentioned that I wanted to work for a Girl scout camp, soon after I got an offer. Trust them, they do their job so well. I worked at a camp with alot of other international staff that had come through different agencies and I most definitely earned the most. Americamp are fantastic!

By: Rebecca
Nationality: British
Age: 24

Better than Camp America!

Since day one of my application Americamp have looked after me so well! I was placed at a camp in North Carolina and had the best summer ever can't recommend enough doing camp over summer, it's changed my life and I met friends for life! Honestly don't hold back apply and Americamp will take care of you step by step !

By: Calvin Kennedy
Nationality: Irish
Age: 19

Great company!

Had the best summer of my life working at a camp in West Virginia!

Though it took me a while to get placed, the 100% placement rate from previous years, and the 24/7 support given made it an easy, panic free process! I loved the company so much I applied as a campus manager for the company and have been given the job, and I'm now looking forward to working as part of the Americamp team to help give other people the same experience I received.

By: Lewis clarkson
Nationality: British
Age: 20


Americamp are the most amazing company to go through. This is my second summer spent in the USA, in what has become my summer home. Definitely do it, don't think about it just do it.

By: Hayley
Nationality: Scottish
Age: 22

@AmeriCamp is amazing

AmeriCamp is the best experience of my life, I would recommend it to anyone!

I spend summer 2016 working in an American summer camp in upstate NY. I got #plACed at a special needs camp. The experience was a lot harder then I expected but it was the most rewarding thing I've ever done.

I got #plACed as a general counsellor, which meant looking after my bunk of children and making sure they got to each activity and meal on time. The activities ranged from arts & crafts to cooking and from swimming in the pool to horse riding.

Made the best of friends with my other counsellors in the same bunk as me.

Wouldn't have changed this experience for anything.

AmeriCamp where super helpful with answering all my questions. They have the nicest and most friendly team, so friendly you feel you are entering one big family. Throughout the process they were the best in the business and as a bonus they pay the most salary in the entire industry. It's a no brainier to apply though AmeriCamp.

If you are in any doubt in applying then I couldn't recommend the experience enough.

If you have any questions about the program then feel free to tweet me and I'll be happy to help - @Louis_Joe_Bird

Applications are now open and you can apply through the website -

Much love and #FreeBiscuits 😘

By: Louis Bird
Nationality: UK
Age: 21


From start to finish, Americamp were amazing- so much so im returning for a second year to camp through them. They provided help literally 24/7 and the footprints account is so simple to understand. All very well organised. You dont work at a summer camp for the money, but they made it much more affordable

By: Gemma
Nationality: Scottish
Age: 21

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