Tips How to Pass Your Camp America Interview

Tips How to Pass Your Camp America Interview

Once you have submitted an application to work at a summer camp you will need to have an interview with the company who is recruiting you to work in the USA. This is standard practise for companies like Camp America, Americamp, BUNAC and Camp Leaders so you can ask any questions and they can assess to see whether you are will be a good candidate. 

We often get asked about what to expect, what questions will be asked and what answers do I need to say to pass the interview. We have put together this guide with top tips to help you pass your interview and get accepted onto the Camp America programme...


What to Expect

A summer camp interview is a way for companies to see if you are right for the role. The people interviewing you will have been to work at camp previously and should make the interview very relaxed and friendly - it won't be like going for a formal interview at a bank for example. Usually interviews are face to face but you might be asked to have one over Skype.


Top 10 Tips

  • Turn up early
  • Dress casual but smartly - there is no need for formal clothing e.g. suits
  • Don't be hungover 
  • Be friendly
  • Stay calm
  • Emphasise your strengths 
  • Speak clearly
  • Practice and go through questions before with a friend or family member
  • Demonstrate you are hard working, adaptable, reliable and friendly
  • Have a few questions ready to ask at the end of the interview


Typical Summer Camp Interview Questions:

Before your interview check your application and the role you are applying for and you will get an idea for what type of questions will be asked. These are usually some of the questions you will be asked:

  • 'Why do you want to work at a camp and be a camp counselor?'
  • 'What qualities do you have that would want us to hire you as camp counselor?'
  • 'Give an example of a scenario when you have had to deal with a stressful situation'
  • 'Have you got any experience working with children?'
  • 'Do you enjoy working in teams'


Good Answers

The questions above are some popular questions you will be asked at your interview and you will need to adapt your answers to yourself and your experience. Staff from all companies like Camp AmericaAmericampBUNAC and Camp Leaders will ask similar questions so it is important you are prepared and have some answers lined up.

We recommended you emphasise your previous experience and talk this up. If you don't have any previous experience just exaggerate what you do have, for example do you have brothers and sisters? Have you ever been babysitting or helping entertain your family friends children. Say you enjoy new challenges, relish working in teams and are very adaptable.

Also don't be afraid to ask any questions, for example - do you recommend working at a camp? Where did you work? Any advice? This shows you are keen to learn more and ready to learn.


Tips for a Previous Interviewer

"My advice is to first, just turn up and don't be hungover or say anything stupid! You would be surprised how many people I interviewed either didn't turn up or looked in a bad state like they had been out for the whole night previously - this really looks unprofessional and would you want to hire someone like this? Be friendly and outgoing  and you will be pass." - Scott, previous interviewer in Liverpool


What Happens Next

The person interviewing you will either think you are a good candidate or not and you will usually get an e-mail with the outcome in the same week. If you have pass the interview it is time to start getting ready for the best summer ever and you will move onto the next stage of the process! 


What If I Fail My Interview?

Don't worry if you are not accepted, just apply with a different company and use your first interview as a guide to do better next time.


Interested in applying? Search USA summer camp jobs today!


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