1. Thailand

Thailand is one of the most popular volunteer abroad destinations and it is easy to see why. Expect white sandy beaches, pristine islands, exotic wildlife, food, culture and friendly locals. This is one of our top rated destinations especially if it is your first time volunteering overseas. You can choose a world famous city like going volunteer in Bangkok or spend in the paradise islands!


2. Maldives

Volunteer Maldives

Looking for a dream destination? You won't go wrong with the Maldives. Although most people associate this country with honeymoons and luxury, there are alternative options where you can help communities or teach English. 


3. South Africa

Thousands of international vistors travel to South Africa every year and you won't regret this decision if you choose to volunteer here. There are literally hundreds of meaningful projects available where you can help wildlife like elephants, sharks and rhinos. Some volunteer programs in Cape Town which is one of the most famous cities in the world.


4. Indonesia

One of the most popular options is to volunteer in Bali - this is a spectacular region of Asia and attractions millions of visitors from all around the world.


5. Sri Lanka

Volunteer Sri Lanka

Volunteering in a foreign country can be challenging but imagine waking up and getting to volunteer with elephants or live close to a stunning white beach! You can turn this dream into a reality in Sri Lanka - there are so many worthwile projects to choose from.


6. India

Volunteer India

India has long been one of the most popular travel destinations and for good reason too. There are plenty of opportunities for volunteers to help disadvantaged communities, you could apply to teach English in India or coach sports.


7. Spain

Best Volunteer Destinations: Spain

Spain is one of the most relaxed destinations in Europe with a warm climate, beaches, islands, parties and of course tapas. If you would like to volunteer abroad during summer then Spain is one of our top recommendations. Choose from places like Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia.


8. Laos

Ask any travellers who have been to volunteer in South-East Asia and you will find most will say Laos is spectacular. This country is a lot less touristy and developed compared to nearby Thailand, China, Cambodia and Vietnam - get here before everyone hears about it.


9. Brazil

Volunteer Brasil

Have you ever seen pictures of Rio de Janeiro? These alone should make you want to apply here. Brazil is such a diverse country with cities, islands, rainforest, wildlife, nature and waterfalls. Rio de Janeiro is one of the best cities you can visit 


10. Costa Rica

Volunteer Costa Rica

Experience Pura Vida in Costa Rica which is one of the most tropical and incredible places you will ever visit in your life. Costa Rica has some biodiversity like nowhere else in the region and you can even work with sloths!


11. Canada

Volunteer Canada

Canada is one of the most scenic destinations you will ever visit, famous for the iconic Rocky Mountains and Niagara Falls - both places you will get to see in your spare time.


12. Fiji

Fiji has some of the most spectacular beaches in the world. There are lots of marine conservation projects here where you can live close to the coast. If you have ever seen pictures of Fiji you will understand why this destination is on our list.


13. Madagascar

Volunteer Madagascar

Looking to volunteer in Africa? Want an off the beaten track destination with stunning nature, beaches and wildlife? Choose Madagascar! Highlights include helping lemurs.


14. Kenya

Kenya has some of the most diverse wildlife on the planet and will provide you will an incredible experience where you can see and help wildlife like elephants.


15. Myanmar

If you are looking for a country untouched by Westernisation and still very authentic then Myanmar is our top choice. Although it doesn't have the luxury or facilities of other destinations in Asia, you will be spell bound by the inspiring destinations, people and sightseeing activities.


16. Malaysia

Volunteer Malaysia

Malaysia has a rich and vibant culture, with some of the best food in the world. You also have a lot of choice, from mountains that rival Switzerland to beach resorts and remote islands which are stunning. If you would like to work with orangutans you might like to volunteer in Borneo.


17. Greece

Greece is one of the most popular destinations in Europe especially during summer due to the picturesq islands. There is also the opportunity to help sea turtles and dolphins - you will create memories to last a lifetime.


18. Mexico

Volunteer Mexico

Mexico is a fantastic destination to volunteer and the tourity areas where a lot of projects are located are very safe including the East Coast. This destinations is especially popular with USA citizens seeking volunteer vacations.


19. Japan

Volunteer Japan

Looking to experience a new culture? Consider flying to the far east and visiting in Japan. Althought Japan is most famous for cities like Tokyo, you can escape to the tranquil countryside where a lot of projects are located.


20. Ecuador

Volunteer Ecuador

Ecuador has some of the most incredible nature and wildlife in the world including the Amazon rainforest. If you would like to visit one of the true natural wonders of the world then check out volunteering programs in the Galapagos where you can see and help giant tortoises or help in the Amazon rainforest. You can also apply to work in the UNESCO World Heritage Galapagos Islands - a archipelago made famous by Charles Darwins adventures.


21. Dominican Republic

Looking to wake up and get to help in a place so beautiful it will give you a daily feel good boost? The Dominican Republic is a good option to choose picturesque beaches, stunning sunsets, infrastucture for tourism and friendly people. You will get a really inspiring experience here.


22. Italy

Volunteer Italy

Looking for a historic country with beautiful archiecture, countryside, beaches and islands and don't want to stray from Europe you really can't go wrong with Italy. You will get to eat some of the tastiest food in the world and explore cities like Rome, Milan and Turin.


23. Cuba

Cuba tourism is rising every year and there are so many you should get here soon before the country gets transformed.  When you think of Cuba, your initial thoughts usually go to iconic Havana, but there are also amazing tourist resorts and beaches!


24. Vietnam

Vietnam is an exotic destination with a beautiful coast, beaches hiking trails, and terraced tea plantations in Sapa in the north of the country. A visit to Vietnam wouldn't be complete without see Ha Long Bay - no where else in the world compares.


25. Australia

Whether you would like to help people, conservation or volunteer with dolphins - one of the most popular projects available, you have a lot of choice Down Under in Australia. Experience the laid back Aussie lifestye for yourself!


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