A Guide to Working as an Au Pair in Portugal

Applying to work as an au pair or nanny in Portugal is a great opportunity for young people to improve or learn Portuguese whilst living with a local family and helping out and looking after their children. There are positions during summer time and school year. No Portuguese skills are required. 

There are local and international agencies offering nanny and au-pair placements throughout Portugal. Applying is one of the best wayz to discover Portugal and learn about the local culture, people and language.

During your stay, you will have time to attend Portuguese classes in Portugal and practise with native speakers. Your main responsibilities as an au pair are to care for children and play a tutor role, speaking and playing with them in English. In return you will receive full board lodgings and a weekly allowance as pocket money.



How much experience is needed and what references are required? 
It is positive to have experience in taking care of children, but it is not mandatory, the key point is that au pairs enjoy spending time with children. A childcare reference is an advantage, but with a reference as babysitter would be enough. Besides the childcare or babysitter reference, they need a second reference (personal, academic or professional one).

What types of questions are asked at the interview?
Questions regarding character and kids. Why do they want to be au pair, what do they want to do in the future, why do they want to come to Portugal, how would they spend time with children, what do they like to do during free time, etc.

What level of Portuguese do participants need?
No level is usually required.

Participants should communicate preferences (regarding stay duration and city), but if you are flexible with dates and location, they have more possibilities to be placed as au pair.

Is there an agency fee? 
No usually, au pairs do not pay any fee.

Are flights included? 
No, au pairs generally have to pay the flights.

The weekly salary will be agreed depending on the number of working hours. As per reference, au pairs in Europe are normally paid a minimum of 70 Euros a week when working a 30 hour week plus full board lodging.


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