Au Pair Jobs in Germany

Are you thinking about working as an au pair in Germany? Becoming an au pair or nanny in Germany is a great option to experience living in a new culture, see more of the country/Europe and get paid. There are au pair jobs throughout the country in places like Berlin, Stuttgart and Munich just to name a few. View more information on our guide which includes information on the best recruiters and apply today.


Au Pair Jobs in Germany

Popular Places to Work as an Au Pair in Germany

  • Berlin
  • Bonn
  • Frankfurt
  • Hamburg
  • Munich

Some agencies might allow you to specify a particular destination, but this is not always guaranteed.



Work as a Nanny or Au Pair in Germany

Top Reasons to Work as an Au Pair in Germany

  • You’ll never run out of things to do - with the children or on your own
  • Save money - although wages not great you also won't be spending a lot either
  • Improve your language skills every day as you communicate with your host family, you might want to book a German language course in Germany
  • You’ll have the opportunity to travel throughout Germany or beyond during your paid vacation




  • Usually 6-12 months but shorter periods during summer and other time of the year can be arranged



Benefits of Working as an Au Pair in Germany

  • Placement with a carefully screened host family
  • A private room and full board
  • A stipend of at least 260 Euros per month
  • 25 Euros per month toward the cost of your airfare
  • Up to four weeks of vacation, depending on program length
  • At least 1.5 complete days off per week (at least 1 Sunday per month will be free)
  • Transportation card or the possibility to use the family car
  • Basic health, accident and liability insurance
  • ISE card - International Student & Youth Exchange Identification Card
  • Pre-departure packet, including program guide, InterExchange notebook, T-shirt and more




To work as an au pair in Germany, you must:

  • Be from an EU / EAA country, otherwise getting a visa can be difficult
  • Have previous child care or babysitting experience and a genuine love of children
  • Meet the visa requirements for Germany
  • Have verifiable German language skills
  • Complete a successful interview with an agency

If you are a US citizen you must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen between the ages of 18 and 26
  • Have a high school diploma
  • Be able to commit to a placement for at least six months



Application Cost

Most US based agencies charge a fee of around $500.



What to Consider Before Applying

Please be sure that you are prepared for the challenges of an extended stay with a host family abroad before applying for the program.



Germany Au Pair Reviews & Testimonials

Have you ever been to au pair in Germany? Would you like to write about how you found the experience or review an agency? Contact us today.


Germany au pair

My Experience Working as an Au Pair in Germany

Being an Au Pair can be tough, especially if it’s your first time living away from your family and friends in a different country. However, it can also be really rewarding. 

I was an Au Pair near Stuttgart in Germany for a year in 2013, and over the summer of 2016. I went to work for the same family again; the children were more independent and even more well-behaved than last time, and we all got along nicely. The second time I worked for them, I was able to get right into things and didn’t need to be shown around like the first time. I was much more independent and confident. 

The first time I was an au pair I worked 10am until about 7pm Monday-Friday and occasional babysitting in the evenings and weekends, and the second time I worked 10am-8pm Tuesday-Thursday. But even though I had the weekends off, as an au pair you’ll find yourself still playing with the children even though all you wanted to do was sleep or go out. But embrace that – the children obviously like you if they want you to play with them. Although having said that, you do need time for yourself; so go out, explore, and make new friends in the area – do things for you. 

Living near Stuttgart was great because I got to do lots of different things. In the winter the family took me along to a local hill where there are ski lifts, and the children go skiing and sledging there. In the summer I visited the city and often went shopping, or I visited the TV Tower (Fernsehturm), or went to a nearby lake or just took walks in the fields. Both summers that I was there I took a trip down to Lake Constance (Bodensee) and, my goodness, I recommend this place to everyone – you need to visit Lake Constance at least once in your life. It’s beautiful; you have the gorgeous lake, the German hills, and the majestic Austrian and Swiss mountains in the background. 

St AntonI recommend taking a language course at Dialoge Sprachinstitut in Lindau (Germany) if you have time. I spent just three weeks there and I learnt so much German, and my confidence grew a lot too! Oh, and I recommend you take a trip on the train to St. Anton, a mountain village in Austria; you can get a train from Lindau Hbf (Germany) or Bregenz Hbf (Austria) and travel in the direction towards Innsbruck/Salzburg. 

The village is fairly small and not as lively in the summer as it is in the winter. But that’s what I love about the place, because I was able to sit and have some lunch whilst watching the world go by and completely relax. I went up the Galzigbahn cable car and saw magnificent views of the valley. And did you know? The film ‘Chalet Girl’ (Ed Westwick, Felicity Jones) was filmed in St Anton! It’s my favourite place in the world. 

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to come to Germany and work as an au pair. I got to explore that part of the world and visited places many in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. I was included in the family’s daily life and immersed in the culture and language of Germany. I learnt so much in just one year. 

If you’re young and looking for a job that allows you to learn a language and be immersed in another country’s culture and way of life, then I recommend becoming an Au Pair. It’s so much fun and the experience you take away from it will be unforgettable! 

By Alice Scott




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