Want to have a long lasting and sustainable impact on our community, coaches, and players?

If you love sports and have a little sporting ability, then you can have a positive impact for kids and young people. Volunteers at the Soccer program can support coaches while training and amplify physical and mental benefits that regular exercise provides. Besides the physical improvement, there are many inherent life-skills to be taught, such as the importance of team-work, communication and discipline.

Sports bring people together and help to build strong communities. Volunteers will be helping in the organization in all aspects of training; from setting up drills and fitness sessions, to coaching sports teams. This project is a good chance for you to improve your skills and ability as well as helping local children to develop their talents. A local coach will assist you with any help you will need.

Most of the time you will make training at a soccer field right around the corner from your accomodation, but be also prepared if they change the location to the beach. It it rains, there will be no training on that day. 
Be prepared to do a little bit of everything! One of our core values is that everything is important. Some days we will be marking the field for the big game, teaching English to our players, preparing trainings, performing personalized training, leading physical training sessions, etc. The key to keep in mind is that EVERYTHING we do is of great importance. You will work alongside and under the leadership of our coaching staff. One key to your success will be to develop proactive leadership skills. We will schedule out a lot of things with you, but we welcome new ideas!