Want to do something rewarding and beneficial instead of just lounging around at a luxury result? On our website you can search inspiring volunteer honeymoon ideas for couples in countries all around the world.

With One World 365 you can visiting expensive, exotic and luxury destinations and mix sightseeing, relaxing and also doing something beneficial to communities, wildlife and the environment in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Australasia.


Why Volunteer on a Honeymoon

There are so many great reasons to volunteer on your honeymoon, most of all you will get to do something memorable which you will remember for the rest of your life.

If you have always dreamed of visiting somewhere spectacular on a honeymoon which you might have only thought possible via watching tv or reading a magazine because it might break the bank, you might be surprised to learn to can keep costs down, avoid expensive resort prices in places like the Maldives and do something worthwhile at the same time!

These programs are perfect for anyone adventurous or looking give back and do something unique/beneficial instead of just sunbathing. There are short and long term placements available perfect for a few days taster or a one, two, three, four week holiday or longer.

You could teach English, coach sports, help animals, build homes, work on conservation initiatives - there are literally hundreds of programs open to join. This is the ultimate way to celebrate your marriage and a guaranteed way to make a positive impact. You can book in advance but there are also last minute spaces available too.


Top Honeymoon Volunteer Destinations Worldwide

We have programs available to join in countries all around the world, so if you have a destination in mind, or would like to get information and ideas on where to volunteer, read on for our top suggestions. 


1. Maldives

Maldives beach

Ask anyone where they would like to take a honeymoon and the chances are most will say the Maldives.

These islands have everything, tranquil beaches, luxury accommodation, water sports activities and more - but a lot of people do not realize you can also volunteer here.

There are community and conservation projects available where you can mix visiting paradise with helping people and animals.

View our Maldives volunteer programs.


2. Thailand

Bali view

A country which is appealing for so many reasons, think food, culture, temples, beaches, spectacular islands and exotic wildlife. It is easy to see this is one of the most popular destinations in Asia and the world. 

View our Thailand volunteer programs.


3. South Africa

Camps Bay, Cape Town

If you have always dreamed of taking a honeymoon to see wildlife then South Africa will probably be high on your list of destinations.

You could go on a wildlife safari and visit like the Kruger National Park and also help amazing projects. There are literally hundreds of opportunities available in South Africa!

View our South Africa volunteer programs.


4. Fiji

Balabac, Palawan, Philippines

Experience Fijian culture, hospitality, friendly natives and also apply to volunteer. There are marine conservation projects where you can live close to the ocean and help animals like sharks and turtles!

VIew our Fiji volunteer projects.


5. Madagascar

Playa del Carmen beach palm trees

Somewhere a little more exotic and off the beaten route - this is a special island full of wildlife which need protecting. You can work with exotic creatures like lemurs and experience the laid back lifestyle of Madagascar.

View our Madagascar volunteer programs.


6. Caribbean

Cancun beach strip

Beaches, sun, luxury resorts and a relaxed atmosphere make the Caribbean one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. You often see celebrities vacationing here and once you visit you will understand why this area is so popular.

View our Caribbean volunteer programs.


7. India

Taj Mahal

Spend a honeymoon seeing the Taj Mahal, spectacular beaches and a culture like no other. India has long been a popular country to visit for people seeking a new experience, whether it is sampling spectacular scenery in the North or relaxing on beaches in the South

View our India volunteer programs.


8. Brazil

Praia do Pouso, Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Since hosting the World Cup we have noticed an increased demand for visiting this South American gem, we have placements available in world famous Rio de Janeiro where you can see famous sights and make a difference to local people.

View our Brazil volunteer programs.


Arrange a Dream Meaningful Honeymoon

These are just a selection of our available projects worldwide, to view all opportunities visit our volunteer abroad directory or contact us for specific information.

Some companies offer safe and structured honeymoon volunteer breaks where you will need to pay a fee to join, you will get everything arranged for you including placements, airport transfers, meals, accommodation, training and in-country support.