A Guide to Learning English in the UK

English schools UK

English courses in the United Kingdom have been running for decades and by joining a course you will get to practise and improve your speaking, listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, reading, writing and grammar skills.

There are also courses available to help you prepare for a Cambridge English or IELTS exam. Whether you want to learn from scratch or are looking to improve your conversational skills, there is no better time to learn.

Here is some important information to know:

  • Enrollment Times – Year round for most courses. Classes generally start on a Monday unless you are working with a private tutor.
  • Average Course Price – The number of hours per week generally defines the cost of a course. Also the longer you commit to a course, the less cost per week. On average classes can range from £180 to £320 weekly per course.
  • Accommodation – Some schools help arrange accommodation such as an apartment, hostel or homestay. If your school does not provide such services, a one-bedroom apartment generally costs between £1,000 to £1,600 per month. But remember, getting a roommate and a two-bedroom place will significantly lower that cost!
  • Student Visas Needed – As a foreign student you will need to check the official UK visa website. If you do need a student visa, you must be enrolled in at least 15 hours of courses per week. Be sure the school you select can provide a course confirmation document, which you will need to provide to UK border authorities in order to obtain a student visa.


Choosing a Language Course

From novice to near expert, an in-person language course is a great choice as it kicks your learning into high gear. The UK has a wide array of school options to cater to every student’s needs.


Private vs Group Classroom Lessons

Private lessons can be incredibly helpful for setting a strong foundation in learning English. One-on-one tutelage allows you to ask questions, go at your own pace and really focus on your areas of difficulty or interest. Consider ISIS Schools in Oxford, England for their individual tuition program. Classes are located in a refurbished building with modern classrooms located near the famous High Street.

Group lessons are helpful for the types of people who learn well in collaborative environments. You get the added benefit of interacting with other people who are going through the same process as you. This can lead to helpful study buddies and new friendships! English Language Centres in London, England is so confident in their program they guarantee you will reach your English speaking goals with them. They also organize student gatherings, field trips, pronunciation clinics, lectures and discussion groups!


English Immersion Courses

If you’re looking to gain a high level of proficiency in English either for a job or for university, an immersion course is the best way to go. Westbourne Academy in Westbourne, England has a fantastic 30-hour per week program. The Extra Intensive course begins nearly every other month. The focus of this program is to build up vocabulary and conversational skills to enhance fluency.

If you’re looking for an immersive course that begins year round, Bell English in Cambridge, England offers a 25-hour per week program that accepts new students every Monday. Class sizes are kept low and focus on raising communication capabilities between native and non-native English speakers.


Business English Courses

Are you keen to work in the UK or progress your career? Improving your English skills can be useful for many areas of life and business is certainly one of them. English is the language of global business communication and learning it makes you a more capable, skilled employee. ISE Brighton in Brighton, England has evening classes so you are able to continue working or going to school during the day. Classes focus on both business writing and business communication.


How to Choose a School

With modern facilities, dedicated teachers and variety of program options, English Language Centres is a great choice for learning English in London, England. Students have the option to choose between regular group classes, immersion courses, private lessons and business English classes. They also provide a program for students over 30 years old so they are able to learn in an environment with likeminded individuals.

Establishing themselves as a family-owned operation, Victoria School of England, also in London, England, keeps their entire school size low at around 60 students. Even with the small size, they offer a wide variety of courses from general English courses to full immersion English. They are keen to assist students find accommodation for as low as £120 per week.


Top Rated Places to Study English in the UK

You can join classroom courses in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, here are the top locations:

Other places you can study include in England:

Banbury, Barnstaple, Bedford, Bath, Blackpool, Broadstairs, Kent, Brockenhurst Hampshire, Bury St Edmunds, Canterbury, Cheltenham, Chester, Chichester, Colchester, Coventry, Datchet, Berks.Dorking, Surrey, East Grinstead, West Sussex, Exeter, Exmouth, Farnham, Surrey, Folkestone, Forest Row, E Sussex. Harrogate, Harrow, Hassocks, W Sussex, Hastings, Jersey, Channel Islands, Leamington Spa, Leeds, Lydbury North, Shrops., Maidenhead, Malvern, Worcs, Margate, Marlow, Bucks, New Malden, Surrey, Newark, Notts, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Norwich, Nottingham, Paignton, Devon, Peterborough, Plymouth, Portishead, Portsmouth, Preston, Lancashire, Ramsgate, Reading, Rydal, Cumbria, Salisbury, Scarborough, Sheffield, Sherbourne, Dorset, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, Sidmouth, Devon, Southampton, Stratford-upon-Avon, Swanage, Dorset, Taunton, Tavistock, Devon, Torquay, Totnes, Devon, Tunbridge Wells, Warwick, Ceran UK, Westgate-on-Sea, Weymouth, Whitby, Windsor, Winchester, Woking, Worcester, Worthing, York.


English Language Schools in Scotland

You can book classroom courses in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Oban and St Andrews. 


English Language Schools in Wales

There are language schools in Aberystwyth, Cardiff, Conwy, Llandudno, Montgomery, Swansea and Trefriw.


English Language Schools in Northern Ireland

You can book English courses in cities like Belfast and Derry.


Help / Advice

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