A Guide to Learning English in London

London language schools

London is one of the most popular destinations in the world to learn English, this is a highly modern city - one of the most developed in the world with a facsinating history.

London is a very historic city dating back to the time of the Romans. When studying English in London you will get to see historic places and learn more about the history including key events like the English Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, and the Gothic Revival. Today, modern day London is a thriving city both culturally and economically and thousands of students choose to study English here every year. 

If you have ever wanted to learn or improve your Engish language skills you really should consider this city. On our directory you can search and compare English schools throughout the city who offer beginners classroom courses including cheap and low cost classes. 

There are lots of language schools in London which offer excellent quality English language courses at affordable rates in Central and West London. Courses are divided into three categories.

  • General English Courses are for people of all levels of English, from complete beginners to near-native speakers
  • Premium English Courses are brimming with added benefits so that you can really make the most of learning English in one of the greatest cities in the world
  • English Exam Preparation Courses will give you the skills that you need to do really well in Cambridge English exams


Best English Language Schools in London

There are hundreds of language schools in London, these are some of the best ones:

  • Active Learning
  • Anglophiles 
  • Angloschool 
  • Ariane Languages
  • Avalon School
  • Bell 
  • Bloomsbury International
  • British Study Centres
  • Burlington School
  • BLT Business Language Training
  • Cactus Language
  • Canning 
  • Central School of English
  • City Language School 
  • CL English 
  • Club Class 
  • Communicaid 
  • Communicate Well 
  • Crest Schools of English 
  • Cultured Learning 
  • Delfin English School 
  • Discovery Summer
  • East London School of English
  • Edgware Academy 
  • Educa Tutors 
  • Edwards Language School 
  • EF London 
  • Elegant International College 
  • Elite Learning 
  • ELT London 
  • Embassy CES
  • English Time
  • Eurocentres
  • Exell 
  • Eynsford College 
  • Flexilearning Centre 
  • Frances King School of English
  • Hampstead School of English
  • HC London 
  • Home Language International 
  • InterActions Language Academy
  • International House London 
  • Intuition Languages
  • ISIS Greenwich 
  • Islington Centre for English 
  • Kaplan International 
  • King Street College 
  • King's College London ELC
  • Kingsley School of English
  • LAL London 
  • Language in London 
  • Language Link London
  • Language Results 
  • Language Services Direct www.languageservicesdirect.co.uk
  • Lincoln College 
  • Linguaenglish London 
  • LSB Language Studies for Business
  • LSBF School of English 
  • LSI Language Studies International
  • Learn Fast With Us
  • LSSE 
  • Lexis School of Languages
  • Linguarama 
  • Linguacentre 
  • Lingua Diversa Group
  • Link School 
  • Live In Languages 
  • London Language Centre 
  • LMC London Meridian College 
  • LSC London Study Centre 
  • LSI London Hampstead 
  • Malvern House 
  • Mayfair School of English 
  • Millennium City Academy 
  • Milner School of English 
  • North London School of English 
  • Notting Hill College 
  • OISE 
  • One to One English
  • Our World English Schools 
  • Oxford House College 
  • PLUS 
  • Professional Language Solutions
  • Purley Language College 
  • Regent London 
  • RLI Language Services 
  • Rose of York 
  • Select English 
  • Sels College London 
  • Shakespeare College London 
  • Shane Global Language Centres 
  • Skola 
  • SGI St George International 
  • South Chelsea International College 
  • Speak Up London 
  • St Giles International 
  • St John's Wood School of English 
  • Stafford House 
  • Stanton School of English
  • CES Wimbledon 
  • The English Language Academy
  • The English Studio 
  • The London School of English 
  • Tti School of English 
  • Twin English Centres 
  • Twin Summer Centres 
  • UIC London 
  • Unique Languages
  • UAL Language Centre 
  • Victoria School of English 
  • Wilson College 
  • Wimbledon School of English 
  • Language Upon Thames 


Location of English Schools in London

Most schools are located in Central London but there are also more rural settings like Highgate, Richmond and Wimbledon.


Types of Courses

There are a wide range of English courses for the avilable for beginners and more advanced levels including:

  • Intensive General English courses
  • Cambridge Examination Preparation Courses
  • IELST and TOEFL Preparation
  • International Semester English courses
  • Business English programs
  • English Plus Work Experience programs
  • English for Teachers of English
  • CELTA and TEFL courses
  • Summer Family Stay Program for parents and children 
  • Platinum Business and General English courses for Executives and Professionals


How to Choose an English Language School in London

With so many English language schools located in London you might want to read reviews and also check accreditations and affiliations, most schools are:

  • Accredited by the British Council
  • Accredited by the English UK


School Facilities

English Language Schools in London offer a large range of services, most include:

  • Welcoming reception area
  • Computer use and free wifi
  • Self-study facilities after class
  • Social events
  • Help and advice service
  • Textbooks
  • Cafes
  • Bookshop
  • Private study area with a range of reference and reading material
  • Modern classrooms
  • Interactive whiteboard facilites, televisions and film projectors
  • WiFi


Summer Study Programs

Some companies offer summer school programs for kids and teenagers usually aged from 3 to 17 years of age during June, July and August. London English summer school are usually set up in places like Regent's Park, Hyde Park and Gloucester Gate.

The aim of these programs is to allow children and teenagers to learn or improve their English language skills through an educational and fun environment. Several activities are organised and there are more classes as well as English like art, drama, geography, maths and science.

These programs are a great way to mix with students from all over the world, see lots of places in the spare time and learn a lot.


Lessons Per Week

This really depends on the course you select, generally there are once daily up to all day lessons available. Some schools offer 15, 20 or 28 lessons per week.


Help / Advice

If you need any help arranging a English course in London please get in touch.


London English Language School Reviews

If you have ever joined an English course in London and would like to write about your experience, review a company or share any recommendations please contact us.