We're passionate about making a difference in developing communities. Cause we are a smaller agency we stay always in a good communication to our volunteers and to the communites. For us it is important to find the right programm for your stay abroad. Don´t travel just like a tourst!



Jamso Trainee started in December 2012 helping in communities in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is since now the county with the most interns, volunteers and travelers. 

Since 2013 Jamso Trainee started working with partners in Ecuador, Peru and South Africa. In 2015 we begin working with partners in Bali and Thailand.

Visiting projects and getting more relationshsips with local charities is a goal of each year. Jamso Trainee don´t increase too fast, because for us it is very important to hold long contacts and stay in a good communication with volunteers and projects.

As we are working since a long term with our partners, we do have a great communication between volunteers / interns and projects / programms. To be a volunteer meens that you help in the project but also you have the goal to gain experience in the field of your help. As well you will learn a lot about the culture, language and people about your choosen country.

Since 2020 Jamso Trainee do offer exchange programs to High Schools in Costa Rica: public schools, privat schools and bilingual privat schools.