It is the most important national beach marine turtle nesting alone, this means that there are spawning of different species throughout the year.The species of sea turtles that we mostly work with are the LoraTurtle and the Green Sea Turtle.


  • Explore one of the natural beaches of the world and help to keep them clean
  • stay with international volunteers and gain language experiance
  • Patrol beaches on evening and night walks to locate female turtles and their at-risk nests to relocate their eggs in a save place to protect them from poachers and predators
  • Be part of the a magical moment by helping baby sea turtles to reach the ocean safely
  • Enjoy Pura Vida and learn mora about a wonderful country with a lot of nature and animals


Typical day

Working hours vary according to the needs of the project, but volunteers can expect to work 5-8 hours per day, Monday to Saturday.

You will be taking exciting night patrols along the Pacific beaches to observe rare turtle species and monitor their habits and behaviors. Working hours are split into shifts, and volunteers should be prepared to have late night or day shift. It is important that you stay flexible.

A typical day could be:
07.30-08.30 am breakfast
09.00 - 11.30 am Volunteer task
afternoon off or
02 - 04 pm Volunteer task
night shift:
00-0 - 2.30am

Free-time activities

During the free time you can enjoy at the beach, hang out with other volunteers, go surfing or just have fun. During weekends you can explore Costa Rica. Our volunteers will have the chance to spend their time enjoying the wild life and meeting many different animals.