• Feed, clean and walk the animals!
  • Care for street dogs and giving the dogs love, cuddles and affection!
  • Help with rescue operations where animals are brought in from the street!
  • Work in an international team of volunteers
  • Enjoy beachlife and a relaxed beach community, perfect place to surf or learn it!

The new shelter was opened in February 2018 to accommodate the growing number of street dogs who need a home and we are always in the process of fixing and adding to the new construction.


List of the daily tasks

  • Assisting with the daily walks, one group at a time
  • Cleaning each enclosure of dog poo whilst the dogs are out walking
  • Cleaning and refilling the water bowls
  • Giving the dogs their food - this will involve learning names, feeding order, and quantities
  • Giving the dogs love, cuddles and affection!
  • Assist with administering medicine or accompanying dogs to the vets
The dogs we work with have been rescued from the street, many have been mistreated and as a result, are wary of humans. During your first week, you will always be accompanied by an experienced volunteer when entering the shelter, until you get to know all our 4 legged friends and feel comfortable.

Typical day

The dogs at the shelter are taken care of 7 days a week.
You as a volunteer do help 5 days a week with two days off!
Morning shifts start at 7.30 am – 1.30 pm with a break for breakfast at 9.30 am

Afternoon shifts start at 3 pm – 6.30 pm
These hours are changing during the DAYLIGHT SAVING season.

As it takes a few days to get to know the routine and more importantly to get to know the dogs, we give preference to volunteers that can commit to a minimum of 4 weeks. You are not required to work both shifts or work every day. The only requirement we have is that you commit to one or the other and notify us ahead of any changes you would like to make.