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Eureka Language Education Centre was founded in 2001.

For most people, there’s one key factor that prevents them from achieving success at school and makes them feel incompetent in the workplace - the language barrier. Sure, it's easy to pick up the odd English word along the way in whatever context, but in order to get the most out of life's adventures, a reasonable level of fluency is absolutely essential. So how do you go about gaining this fluency?

Turn to the professionals. At Eureka, you will meet a dedicated group of professional language instructors and you will be coached in the intricacies of the mother tongue, enabling you to walk away with an effective grasp of the fundamentals of the language. In the meantime, we are sure you will be amazed by the fact that learning English can be both enjoyable and practical. So get on with it. It will make your life all the more rewarding.

We believe in the Natural Method which was established around 1900 and has widely been used in western countries – to provide learners with a variety of contexts that imitate mother tongue language acquisition.

We have a team of professionals, consisting of over 500 language experts with global teaching experience and educators with extensive knowledge of different languages, cultures, and societies. We link up with language learning organizations all over the world. We are dedicated to promoting the effective use of languages.

Our Mission

Eureka is committed to helping people achieve higher language proficiency. We promote life-long learning and cross-cultural exchange, and develop quality language training programmes. We also review our work regularly to reinforce our efforts in helping language learners explore their creative, analytical and communicative capacities.

What We Do
With over 500 qualified instructors, we have worked for more than 400 education institutes, non-profit organisations and business corporations.

For schools and education institutes, we provide a broad range of language programmes targeted at students and teachers. We are also a registered service provider under the Native-speaking English Teacher (NET) and English Language Teaching Assistant (ELTA) scheme of the Education Bureau.

For business corporations and non-profit organisations, our affiliate Eureka Language Services provides in-house staff training, and designs language workshops to meet a variety of business needs. We also offer translation, transcription, proofreading and editing services to help our clients maintain their language professionalism.

In response to growing demand in recent years, we have started centre-based courses to help learners study at their own pace using our comprehensive materials.

Our instructors are indispensible in all our courses. They create an environment that enables learners to understand the intricacy of language and develop a firmer grasp.

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