With One World 365 you can search information about the top reasons to choose locations and also find the best Spanish speaking volunteer opportunities abroad.

If you already know Spanish and are keen to give back and help good causes there are placements perfect for you. If you don't know any Spanish, don't panic, there are still options available as most organisations have English speaking staff.

If you are keen to learn Spanish then living and volunteering in a Spanish speaking country is a great way to improve your communication and language skills. Some companies offer language lessons and combo trips allowing you to maximize the experience.

If the idea of going to volunteer sounds interesting to you view more information about volunteering in a Spanish speaking country below and arrange a dream experience overseas today.


Where to Go

Latin America and Spain are incredible places to volunteer and there are so many organisations and programs seeking assistance all year round.

You can find projects matched with your interests and skills, or try something totally different. Where you go really comes down to your own personal choice, maybe your budget and also what type of program you are keen to join.

Each region and country is different, you will get a totally unique experience no matter where you go. You can choose between short and long term projects and you are best searching projects and countries to see where appeals to you.

Below you can view a run down of popular destinations and types of projects. If you still can't decide, our staff available to help if you need any assistance.



If you would like to become a volunteer in Spain there have some amazing programs which are open all year round. You can choose between citiies, countryside or the beautiful Spanish islands.

There are so many rewarding opportunities too, from helping animals to working with people or improving conservation efforts. You can choose between cities like Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia or even go somewhere more exotic like Ibiza!

Spain is a very safe country to visit, and a lot less scary a prospect than going to South America. Thousands of people apply to volunteer, intern, study here every year. If you are considering spending a gap year in Spain, doing a structured program is a great way to live in the country for an extended period. Most volunteer placements include accommodation which can help keep costs down.


South America

There are so many life changing volunteer opportunities in South America but deciding where to go can be tough. Also just the prospect of going to South America as a tourist can be daunting, this continent is huge and the language can be a challenge especially if you don't know any Spanish.

But on our directory you can find structured group trips, some of which include learning Spanish in South America. The volunteer trips we have featured on our directory are very safe, they usually include flights, accommodation, transfers and placements with other international participants.

There are lots of options to choose from including wildlife, education, communities and conservation. One of the highlights of applying in this continent is the amount of trips and world famous places you can visit in your spare time too like Machu Picchu! 

There are so many placements open every month in countries throughout the continent including:

Every country in South America is different and some are safer than others. For wildlife you could consider Ecuador or Peru whilst for community work, Chile, Argentina and Colombia are great options. Venezuela is quite unstable at the moment and not recommended. If you are keen to gain work experience, there are some great internship progams in South America for English speakers.


Central America

We highly recommend considering becoming a volunteer in Central America, you will get to experience a new culture like Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama or Guatemala. There are a huge selection of travel and volunteer opportunities available which can join throughout the year.

What makes Central America so appealing? There are modern cities, lush nature, jungles, exotic animals and friendly people. The costs for volunteering in this region are usually generally than South America too in terms of flights, accommodation and sightseeing activities.

These are the countries where you can apply:

Our top recommendations including helping sloths in Costa Rica, teaching English in Guatemala or working with communities in Mexico.


Language Requirements

Wondering if you need to know Spanish to volunteer in a Spanish speaking country? To volunteer abroad on some projects in Spanish speaking countries it is recommended participants have a basic knowledge of the Spanish language so you can communicate with local staff.

Most should be able to speak English though and so it is not necessary to understand fluent Spanish.  If you know basic Spanish you might be able to understand some conversations in Spanish between staff or local people but even if you have never learnt Spanish before but you would like to there are lots of opportunities to learn. Problems may occer when you are trying to communicate with local people.

On some placements like teaching English you might be working with children and youngsters and trying to get your thoughts and ideas across to them without any knowledge of Spanish can be difficult. You will find a lot of the teachers / older people might just able be able to understand what you are trying to say but when directly teaching / helping children this can be more difficult.

Not being able to speak Spanish can be a frustrating experience when traveling or volunteering in a destination like South America, like simple situations like going to a supermarket, asking for directions or even booking buses trips and tours. 

Want to book a course? Check our directories:


Help & How to Apply

On our website we list volunteering organisations who offer volunteer projects in Spanish speaking countries and they also provide combo trips and language lessons to help you make the most of the experience. 

There are lots of important characteristics which make a successful volunteer and sometimes just knowing basic Spanish can help. View Spanish volunteer abroad programs with One World 365 today. For help or suggestions please contact us.