Volunteer in Guyana

Volunteer in Guyana

Is it possible to volunteer in Guyana? Most people couldn't locate this country on a map but you might be surprised to know this is a tropical paradise. Guyana is located in the North of South America, bordered by Brazil, Suriname and Venezuela. Find structured, free & low cost volunteer opportunities in Guyana with international and local charities, NGO's, non-profit organisations and animal sanctuaries.


Volunteer Programs in Guyana

How to Volunteer in Guyana

Due to the Caribbean positioning and what makes Guyana even more appealing is the weather which is warm almost all year round. Local food can include rice, potatoes and meat whilst be sure to stay hydrated by drinking the fresh lime juice - this is really tasty. This destination is up and coming so if you would like to take a volunteer vacation book soon to avoid this country being overrun with people.


Location of Projects

Most projects are located in remote areas of Guyana but you will find NGO's, charities and local organisations all have offices in the capital - Georgetown. 


Types of Volunteer Programs in Guyana


Community Development

Guyana has a population of around 750,000 people and many people in rural areas need assistance, lots of organisations work on the ground, they aim to improve living conditions, help create jobs and a brighter future. There are development initiatives available all year round, you could apply to volunteer solo or join a structured group trip.

You might be working to improve living conditions and standards in Amerindian villages, by planning better buildings and helping local people get better infrastructure. Expect a really warm welcome from Guyanese people on these programs, you might get to work helping disable or vulnerable members of society.

Large organisations like Peace Corps have been placing volunteers in Guyana on community based programs for over 50 years, the contribution participants have made has left a lasting impact on the country and people.


Education & Teaching

There are various different projects available where you can help education efforts teaching and helping youngsters, sometimes you will get to work in outreach teams heading to remote areas. This is an exciting way to do something magical and really make a difference. Skilled / non-skilled positions are available, from helping children learn to working empowering women. A lot of programs now focus on training local staff and developing long term frameworks to improve education in the country - if you have any previous experience in this area your skilled will be put to good use.


Volunteer with Wildlife & Conservation

Guyana is famous for animals and you can sign up to volunteer and help wildlife like sea turtles, you will get to work hands on and get up close with these creatures playing a key role in helping their future. Large areas of Guyana are protect by law but there is still a need to help raise awareness about conservation efforts and the need to help these creatures and other animals in Guyana. You could find yourself living and volunteering in spectacular settings like the coast or Amazon!

There are some really worthwhile organisation operating in Guyana including Fronteering which place people to work with giant sea turtles. You might want to apply with IWOKRAMA which is an operation in the Amazon / Guyanan rainforest which promotes eco tourism and helps conservation preservation in the country. Some projects include living in the rainforest and stopping illegal mining and logging, you might be responsible for maintaining trails, monitoring tracks, helping sustainable living projects. If you are based in the rainforest you might be lucky to see animals red howler monkeys which is amazing! 

On placements in the rainforest you will get to learn more about the Amerindians, who are local indigenous people of Guyana. They have been living in the country for thousands of years and its important this tribe is saved and helped through the development of the country. The land in which they live are some of the last untouched rainforests on the planet and its really vital for their survival that their opinions are heard. Also the area around the Essequibo river is spectacular and you should aim to see this.



No previous skills are required but you will need a positive attitude and be flexible and adaptable to life in Guyana, this country isn't as developed as others and living conditions can be basic especially when volunteering in rural areas. There might be little language barrier but you should be able to get by with a guidebook, local people speak a little English and also Creolese which can be difficult to understand. Language classes can be joined in country and we recommend learning some words and phrases prior to departing. If you are working in a professional/medical capacity organisations like VSO have been placing skilled professionals with carefully selected programs, you might want to read more to see if it suitable for you.



If you apply for a structure placement accommodation is usually included - hostels, guesthouses and hotels. Sometimes in the rainforest you might be working in outreach teams going into remote areas and get to sleep in tents camping out in the wilderness.


Start Dates & How to Apply

You can view our featured projects above and apply today. You can start every month of the year and this will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life! Be sure to book in advance especially for summer programs. Search projects on in Guyana above and apply today!


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