How to Volunteer in Nicaragua

Is the hustle and bustle of daily life taking its toll? Would you like to escape the rat-race and do something amazing? Well, now could be the time for you to take a sabbatical and view our amazing projects in Nicaragua. Our partner local organisations allow internationals to give service and really help have a positive impact. 

Ask anyone who has been volunteering in Central America and a large percentage will say Nicaragua was their favourite destination. This country offers so much, infrastructure is still quite basic and tourism undeveloped compared to other places nearby and so you will get a really authentic experience. Living and volunteering in Nicaragua is a great way to learn / improve your Spanish language skills whilst getting immersed and learning more about the culture, history and people of this Latin American country.

Nicaragua offers great value and is a lot less touristy than going to volunteer in Costa Rica and other destinations nearby, also if you learn some basic Spanish phrases this will really make your experience easier and more enjoyable. When you get time off these days will probably time to get rest and a chance to either go out to see more locations or just relax and get washing done, eat some tasty local food or take a long walk around your surroundings. With temperatures averaging around 38 degrees during summer, it doesn't take much to get tired so you will be happy to have relaxing time off.


Community Development Volunteer Projects in Nicaragua

If you are thinking about visiting Central America then why not do something rewarding and contribute to worthwhile local causes beneficial to local communities in Nicaragua. There are lots of programs where local people in Nicaragua can visit including drop in community centres where you might be based, this is a great way to help local people and really get to understand and help them.

There are also agriculture and sustainable food and energy projects where you can live on ranches and farms paying for your board whilst helping development projects like installing electric energy or helping to grow crops. You will meet meet friendly and like minded international volunteers when working on community projects in Nicaragua and you'll find local people really friendly.


Childcare, Orphanage & Educational Volunteer Programs in Nicargua

There are various career training centres and projects which help to improve literacy, English and job prospects, you will be able to help people improve their knowledge and skills. Education is free in Nicaragua but there is still a need for assistance, you can join teaching projects and work with local staff in Nicaragua helping with educational and fun activities like teaching English, instructing art and crafts, leading music / dance lessons and generally help out. There are lots of local NGO's and non-profits offering projects where you can work to help homeless and disadvantaged children who are living on the streets or in poverty. There are orphanages and childrens homes in Nicaragua which care for some of the most vulnerable members of society and you can apply to help.


Medical & Healthcare Volunteer Programs in Nicaragua

Only a small number of the population have medical insurance (around 5%) whilst some people live in too remote areas to get the necessary healthcare treatment. If you are working in the medical field of work and would like to help your skills will be put to good use, or if you would just like to help you will be able to join non-skilled placements. There are clinics and outreach teams working throughout the country.


Location of Projects

Programs can be joined in places Limon, Granada, Leon, Ticuantepe, Managua and San Juan Del Sur. One of the main attractions of Nicaragua is the spectacular coastline where there are white sandy beaches, cafes and a great atmosphere, if you are based here you will be amazed by the natural beauty the country has to offer as this area is still relatively undeveloped.

The capital Granada is possibly the most popular volunteer destination in the country (this doesn't make it the best - this is personal preference), here there are lots of colonial buildings, lots of art galleries and museums whilst the spectacular Lake Nicaragua is close by to visit. When you arrive in Granada you might want to spend time wandering about town and get your bearings, it's a pretty lovely town with a main strip of restaurants and bars which the tourists congregate around. You should feel at ease here straight away.

You might also like to cross the border North, we offer some fantastic volunteering programs in Honduras.



You can join volunteering programs in Nicaragua for a short or long period, some people stay a few weeks others a few months. Some local organisations will require you to stay for a minimum of 4 weeks whilst for some childcare programs you might need to be aged 21 and over. Please be willing to get involved, try to learn Spanish which will help improve your effect on programs and also make the experience a lot more enjoyable. No previous experience is needed to participate.



If you apply independently you might need to pay for accommodation but this is usually cheap around $5-$10 per night depending on what type of option you choose, there are dorms, hostels and private rooms / hotels available. If you apply through a large organisation or charity they will provide shared accommodation or a home stay. If you pay a little extra you can also get private accommodation.


How to Apply

If you would like to help great organisations who are making a difference in Nicaragua contact or apply today for more information. Some organisations might charge a fee to participate - this usually includes a structured placement with meals, accommodation, transfers, in-country support and also training. Volunteering with a well-established volunteer organisation is a highly recommended option as you will get a safe and structured experience.


Volunteer in Nicaragua for Free

There are free and low cost volunteer opportunities in Nicaragua and you can find find these by seeking out local NGOs in country but even apply this way you will be expected to pay for your board, food and drink by yourself though.


Nicaragua Volunteer Reviews

If you have ever volunteered in Nicaragua and would like to share your experiences, review your program or give advice to future participants please contact us.


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