How to Volunteer in Belize

Looking to do something rewarding? Not many places in the world compare to Belize. This is a country with beautiful beaches, friendly locals but also a lot of poverty. Due to Belize being a popular destination with thousands of people visiting every year, this has a negative effect on the country though with wildlife numbers decreasing and also new buildings and growth of towns and cities destroying natural habitats. Be more than just a tourist and get inspired to work as a volunteer.


Top Reasons to Volunteer in Belize

  • Learn a lot more about the people and history of the country
  • Help animals and people
  • Experience some of the best beaches in the world
  • Meet new people from all over the world 
  • Do something more rewarding than sunbathing
  • Locals speak English making the whole experience easier


Location of Projects

You may be working alongside other international volunteers assisting local people on programs on the mainland of Belize and on the tropical island of Caye Caulker. Where you are based really depends on which project you join, you can also search all of our volunteer projects in Central America.


Community Development Programs

You might not know but Belize has a indigenous Mayan population who are still visable in modern day life, you can play a role and help improve living standards working on community development efforts. You will get to visit remote communities helping children and local people who need general and medical assistance. There are also programs working to improve life for women and children, you also join building and construction initiatives helping improve infrastructure. Also at hospitals there are skilled / non-skilled placements available where you can improve healthcare of the population.


Educational & Teaching Programs

You could also help by teaching or working at an orphanage helping children from difficult / disadvantaged backgrounds. You might be improving education standards and leading and assisting local teachers giving lessons creating a fun environment. Creativity is welcomed on these placements. All children are required to attend school in Belize but that doesn't mean all go, there are lots of local non-profits working to help those marginalized who you can mentor and put your enthusiasm to full effect.


Conservation Projects

Play an important role in helping the environment, nature and species of Beize, there are various projects where you can work in the bush on research and conservation initiatives. If you have a genuine interest in animal welfare these programs will appeal to you.

There are environmental programs where you can work to protect nature and help create sustainable communities helping people with agriculture and farming. On some conservation projects you will be working in teams helping to protect rain forests and nature, you could be raising awareness, mending fences, researching and taking data and also planning for the future. 

Marine and coral reef conservation is a very important too where you can go scuba diving and helping local NGO's and scientists. One of the benefits of these projects is working in the great outdoors - this is a stunning destination and around 25% of it is protected by law. You will gain life experience on marine research and contributing to rewarding projects which will also give you the opportunity to enjoy prime beach weather and experience excellent diving and snorkeling.


Volunteer with Animals

You could also help animals both on land and in sea, there are sanctuaries located throughout the country where you can help rescue, rehabilitate animals like cats and dogs. There are skilled and general placements available with short and long term opportunities.



People from all around the world apply every year, this destination is especially popular with US citizens who are interested in taking volunteer vacations in Belize. Working here is also made easier by the fact local people speak English, meaning language barriers shouldn't be an issue. For the majority of programs you will not need any skills or previous relevant experience, just a desire to embrace the culture and want to give service to make a difference. There are also combination trips available where you can see more of the country and also help along the way. Summer, short and long term programs are available to individuals, groups and families.


How to Apply

You can search our featured projects today. Some organiations charge a sign up fee to sign up, on these placements you usually get:

  • Airport pick-up and transfer to project
  • All food and accommodation
  • Training materials and science equipment
  • Pre-departure support and services
  • Comprehensive training necessary for research techniques
  • 24-hour in-country support and a 24-hour emergency phone line

You might also want to search other opportunities nearby:

If you need any help arranging a volunteer placement in Belize please get in touch.


Volunteer in Belize for Free 

There are free and low cost volunteer programs available to join in Belize, one organisation we work with - PAW Animal Sanctuary offer free long term placements to volunteers who are able to care and help look after animals on the island of Caye Culker. They offer pick up, lodgings and you will be expected to work around 5 hours per day helping with the daily routine. There are no requirements to apply and help is needed all year round.


Belize Volunteer Reviews

If you have ever volunteered in Belize and would like to review or share your experience write an article for us.

"Volunteering in Belize with POD was the most amazing time of my life, I know sounds super corny but it was. It's a rewarding experience and I would recommend it to anyone." - Kyla, Canada