How to Volunteer in Venezuela

Volunteering in Venezuela is a popular option now compared to a decde ago, there will be lots of people to meet and experiences to be had. If you are worried about meeting new people after a program has finished consider booking a group experience through our website where you will travel with other people in a safe way and led by experienced staff.

Most projects are found in Merida and Playa Colorado in Eastern Venezuela. There are also opportunities to participant in places like Santa Elena on the border, you could even cross and volunteer in Brazil or volunteer in Guyana. On most projects you will be working within communities but there are also opportunities to be based on the coast and in places like the Mochima National Park and Guacharo National Park.

Please note this is not an easy country to either get to, you will find more programs if you search neighboring countries on our South America volunteer directory.


Education & Teaching Projects

There are lots of different programs available to join including helping with street children and also teaching youngsters who are the future of the country. You can also help train local people to gain new skills by teaching in Venezuela.


Community Outreach Programs

Raise awareness of key issues, helping educate local children by teaching and coaching sports. You can also join construction and building projects working within remote areas of the country with people often cut off from the beat of mainstream life are very rewarding.


Wildlife & Conservation 

Assistants are needed all year round and tasks can include cleaning beaches, restoring beach shelters, helping wildlife, planting trees, resorting vegetation, building trails and helping marine biology. You could work in zoo's where you can work in a veterinary capacity helping animals. 


Schedule & Time Off

Most organisations will require you to work Monday to Friday around 6 hours per day, some are more flexible and allow you to choose your hours. You will also get lots of free time to relax and enjoy your surroundings, you could go horse riding, paragliding, watch a live football game or join a tour in Venezuela seeing a different part of the country. Places you might want to check out in your free time include:

  • The highest waterfall in the world - Salto Angel
  • The coast and white sandy beaches
  • Los Llanos
  • The Ocinoco Delta
  • The Amazon jungle
  • Explore the capital - Caracus



To apply no previous experience is required and also do not worry if you do not know fluent Spanish for most placements. Usually it is an idea to learn to help improve your experience, there are also in-country classes available where you can combine volunteering, travelling and learning Spanish.


How to Book

Most NGO's and local organisations are supported financially by volunteer donations - you will be usually asked to pay a fee to volunteer or intern which also includes your accommodation, meals, transport, training and more. Placements can generally be joined for 2 weeks to over 1 year and there are popular summer 4-6 week group trips available which have an average group size of 12. Group flights can be booked with most international sending agencies.