Do you need some advice how to become a confident TEFL teacher who your students will love?

Check our insider recommendations and get prepared to be an amazing teacher in the land of smiles.


1. Start With Simple Words

Before arriving to teach English in Thailand it is important to know the level of English is very basic in most schools. May it be primary or high school they are all at a very basic level so it is important to bear this in mind when you arrive. 

Try to start with talking of their country. There by making students learn and write new vocabulary in their books for eg - If you are French you can talk of the big cities in France and compare it with the big cities in Thailand, this will help the students to relate to them better (Paris is like Bangkok etc).

Once you are done with talking of your country, language spoken, national bird, national animal, favourite food etc you could review all the data the students have written down. You could further move on to any topic - opposites, food, animals, birds, my classroom weather , adjectives, simple commands ( close the window etc) and so on.

Once you select a topic start with the basic vocabulary and move to simple sentences for eg - what is this? This is a rubber.  We also suggest looking up some simple nursery rhymes in English or simple songs in your native language in case it is not English e.g. If you are French then "Alou Ete" is an example of a simple song to make kids sing.


2. Use Songs

Songs or rhymes can be used to break ice and also to liven up the kids if you feel they look bored or tired with the intake of all that you are teaching. Once they are all bubbly with the singing and may be a bit of hand actions or dancing with the songs (do the hookie pokie) you could get back to teaching.


3. Don't Get Nervous

Thailand TEFL Tips

Do not fear or get nervous. Just be confident and teach. The students and school teachers will be most delighted even if they learn just a few new words from you.


4. Learn From Other Teachers

Thailand Teaching Tips

Thousands of people work in Thailand every year and most of these are teaching English. Some people have been living in the country for years and so try to soak up as much advice and information from them as possible.


5. Have Fun

Advice Teaching Thailand

Teaching English abroad is a great experience. When you have fun and enjoy the students will enjoy too. In the past we use to provide lesson plans but found people did not like, prepare or feel comfortable with our suggestions.

You will find better success letting people find lesson plans that suit their comfort level. Also other teachers are there to assist with their existing English courses.


6. Explore

You are going to be living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, go explore it at every opportunity. You will meet lots of people and see spectacular sights includes beaches, islands and cities.

So many people teach, travel or take gap years in Thailand every year - be as social as possible and you will make tons of friends. Enjoy every minute of it.

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