4 Alternative Things to Do in Thailand

4 Alternative Things to Do in Thailand

Visiting Thailand is on the top of many travellers bucket lists, and is often one of the first countries young people tend to backpack in due to the simple ease of getting around, the affordable cost of living and of course, the huge amount of exciting excursions available. 

We’ve all heard our friend’s tales of Thailand. How they danced til the early hours of the morning at a full moon party in Koh Phangan and were mesmerized by the temples in Bangkok. But what else? Whilst these are all definite must-dos in Thailand, many other wonderful trips and activities go uoverlooked and unnoticed.

For those looking for something slightly different whilst visiting Thailand, look no further.


1. Sleep in floating bungalows in the Khao Sok National Park

Get back in touch with nature and slumber in one of these floating – yep you heard right – floating bungalows in one of the most beautiful wildlife reserves in Thailand. With a much less touristy crowd than the rest of the park, Chiew Lan lake is pretty secluded and has a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. Spend your days exploring the park on the kayaks provided or relax by the turquoise waters. However don’t forget to bring a torch as electricity only runs between 6pm and 11pm!


2. Take a Thai Cooking Class

Thailand Alternative Things to Do

Indulging in a Thai cooking class is often dismissed as Thai food is so cheap to buy in restaurants so many people feel a cooking class isn’t worth the money. However it is a great way to learn some of your favourite Thai recipes and acquire some authentic culinary tips from real chefs. The classes often last half a day and many include learning how to cook a starter, main and desert.

Some cooking classes also include light entertainment between meals such as singing and dancing to traditional Thai songs, although of course this isn’t mandatory! So if you want a great excuse to fill up on your favourite Thai dishes and impress your friends back home with your new found cooking skills, a Thai cooking class is definitely a fun little activity to fill a day with.


3. Camp in Maya bay

It seems everyone and their mother checks off a visit to Maya bay, the stunningly beautiful beach where the popular backpacker’s film The Beach was filmed, but you don’t often come across too many that have camped there. With no plans to build any accommodation facilities, the only way to spend the night there is to get back to basics and camp under the stars.

Only a limited number of visitors are able to stay each night so it’s a great way to see the beach without the mass of day-trippers. Share a BBQ around a campfire in the evening with your fellow travellers and in the morning watch the sun rise on one of the most famously known paradise beaches in the world – what more could you want?


4. See Bangkok from the tallest building in Thailand

For a view that will really take your breath away, a visit to the top of the Baiyoke tower II in Bangkok is definitely worth a visit. What with the many temples and shopping markets to visit in the day time, evening activities in Bangkok are often limited to eating, drinking and shopping and whilst these are always enjoyable options, it’s always good to do something slightly different. To see the incredible city of Bangkok from a perspective like no other, catch the lift up to the top floor and become amazed.


By Ellie Swain


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