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1. The Best Summer of Your Life

Start getting ready for the most incredible summer of your life! A summer camp job is so much fun, you will get to spend your summer doing amazing things and also getting paid!

If you have been researching options or chatting to friends you might have noticed there are lots of companies and agencies offering camp jobs in the USA. International agencies offer a package including help with your visa and application making the whole experience easier.

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Also don't take our word for it that this job is amazing? View some past participant feedback below:

"Camp America is the best choice I ever made" Tash, UK
"So glad I did Camp America had the best summer ever!" - Charlotte, UK
"Had one of the best summers of my life and can't wait to hopefully return next year! Camp America is 100% the best thing you will ever do!" - Tyra, UK
"I can never thank Camp America enough for giving me another amazing year at Camp with my amazing Camp Family" - Francesca, UK 
"Camp America is by far the best thing I have ever done!" - Laura, UK
"Now Camp has finished I can't wait for next year!" - James, UK


2. Training

On arrival at camp you will have an orientation which is usually included in an initial week where you will get to know your surroundings and fellow staff.

This orientation is usually fun and will prepare you for the summer ahead, learn how camp operates - you will get to know the rules, tasks and what is expected of you during summer.

You might also be placed in a cabin and be given roles and specific duties. This will put your mind at rest especially if it is your first time working in the USA or you don't have much experience.


3. Rustic Accommodation

On some jobs you will sleep in the same cabin as a camp counselor whilst other roles you might be living with other staff. Cabins and living conditions can be rustic so be prepared. Sometimes you might be living in the same cabin as 8 children or more!


4. Low Wages

Do not think you are going to earn a fortune when working at a camp, if you work out the amount you pay in the registration and the number of hours you work over summer it might be quite low but this experience is not all about the money.

You should consider the money as a bonus, this job really does provide you with a life changing experience and if you ask any previous staff they would do it for free.

Usually you will be paid around $1000 - $2500, if you are a returnee you can expect to be paid more though.


5. Make New Friends

USA Camp Counselors

People from all around the world work at camps every year, you will form strong bonds and make friends for life! This is also amazing if you plan to take a gap year or explore the world as you will then be able to meet up with friends in different destinations.


6. A Lot of Fun

Summer camp might be hard work sometimes but they are also so much fun! Everyday will be filled with laughs and incredible experiences. From coaching sports, dinning hall songs, camp fires to cabin games - every day will be different.


7. The Chance to Explore North America!

Camp is not all about the work, you will usually get some week nights and weekends off to explore your new surroundings. After camp has finished you will also get the chance to travel.

View our guide to post summer camp travel for popular options or book a USA tour to get your plans arranged now.


8. Rewarding Experience

Not much compares to seeing how happy you can make campers feel, you will make a big impact on their short time at camp. This is an incredible feeling.


9. The Chance to Return

There are literally hundreds of different camps located all over North America and if you have a good time the first time, why not return? You could return to the same camp or try a different one.


10. Memories

You will create memories to last a lifetime, this is such a unique job that not many other things in the world compare. It certainly beats staying at home during summer and working a mundane 9-5 'normal' job.


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