Best Things to Do when Backpacking in Spain

Best Things to Do when Backpacking in Spain

There really is so much to do in Spain, it is a huge country with lots of islands and you could spend months travelling to see everything. Here are some of top tips for the best places to see and things you could do...


Explore Barcelona

Visit one of the world top cities - Barcelona. There is so much to see and do here, you could relax on the beach, get lost in the historic back streets, watch a football game at the Nou Camp or go in search of history and culture. Our top things you can do include enjoying the nightlife in the tourist hotspot of La Rambla, see Gaudí's architecture which is spectacular, go to the theatre, see some of the worlds best art and museums or go see the old Olympic site. For alternative options you could walk up Montjuïic which is s large hill and has great views at the top, wonder around the gothic quarter and take in some of the local food and drink or go hiking and see the mountain range of Montserrat.


Island Hopping Tours

Spain has an amazing coastline which miles of white sandy beaches, there are also lots of islands you could visit. Each island is different and offers different travel opportunities, you could party in Ibiza, enjoy a package holiday in Majorca or soak up the sun in sunny Gran Canaria which has a warm climate most of the year. This is also the opportunity to find your favourite beach and the decision might be tough!



Madrid is easily connected by most international and European airports and for most of the year enjoys a warm climate. There is a large shopping area, wonderful and cheap local markets, enjoy the diverse range of restaurants and nightspots, see the Royal Palace or get a picture of the ancient Arab Wall. You could also go see one of the worlds great football teams - Real Madrid play football which is one of the local passions.


Plan Your Trip Around a Festival

Spain has some of the best festivals in the world and they take place all year round. Each is very different, most include entertainment, music, costumes and fun! We highly recommend taking part in the tomato throwing festival.


Sierra Nevada Mountains

We highly recommend going to visit the Sierra Nevada Mountain region, in winter you can go skiing and in summer you could join a trekking or biking trip. There are options all yer round and this region is spectacular. The Sierra Nevada Mountains are located in the Almería province of Southern Spain and there are lots of trips and excursions here, if you love nature and conservation you will really enjoy visiting. For winter ski and snowboard holidays not many places in Europe compare!



This is a really great city to visit but it is often overlooked in favour of Madrid and Barcelona. We recommend exploring the stunning Old Town which has pretty buildings and relaxing plazas, checking out the Port area, wondering and buying local goods in the Central Mercado and there is also a beach which is pretty good compared to most city beaches. You might not know you can also volunteer on community and conservation programs in Valencia, if this sounds appealing to you view our volunteer programs.


Pyrenees Mountain Range

This region of Spain is quite unexplored and doesn't get the amount of tourists it deserves. Located on the France border there are spectacular mountains, pretty little towns and villages and lots of treks, trips and tours allowing you see to see more. The Pyrenees is definately an area to visit to get off the beaten Spanish tourist trail, no beaches are in sight but you might be suprised to know there are great museums, festivals, UNESCO World Heritage architecture, quient markets and adventure sports. In summer you could go hiking or skiing / snowboarding in the Pyrenees mountain range in winter.


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