Top 10 Hidden Gems Of Europe

Top 10 Hidden Gems Of Europe

When looking to plan a trip to Europe, you may find that some of the prices for popular European locations can vary depending on the time of year that you are visiting. This is in part down to flights being more in demand especially during summer and when schools are on holidays.

Well known destinations like Paris, Rome, Venice, Barcelona, the Spanish islands, Algarve and Nice are heaving with tourists and really expensive when it add up accommodation, eating out and sightseeing.

However, you can enjoy a really authentic and amazing trip away by choosing some of Europe's lesser-known locations.

Before you search flights and find accommodation, check out our list of the best unknown European locations including underrated cities, islands and beach destinations that are well worth visiting this year. 


1. Wroclaw, Poland 

The historic town of Wroclaw in Poland is one of the best locations for those that love history and architecture. With a number of amazing landmarks and old towns for you to explore, this is the perfect location for the whole family to enjoy, regardless of the length of your stay or the budget that you have. 


2. Segovia, Spain 

Segovia in Spain is another amazing location for history and amazing views. With Alcazar of Segovia as well as Segovia Cathedral, this is the perfect place to explore when looking for the very best of everything that Europe has to offer. In addition to this, the amazing weather conditions make it the perfect location to visit all year round. 


3. The Hague, The Netherlands 

With a number of amazing museums, small towns and a market with over 500 stalls, this is the perfect way to explore the Netherlands and experience the very best of their culture. In addition to this, there are a number of hotels and other unique places to stay that will help you to explore the gorgeous city and see the Netherlands in a brand-new light. 


4. Durham England 

Located along the River Wear in England, this city is home to a population of about 48,069 people. In addition to this, this amazing city is home to one of the best universities in the UK. This makes it not only a great place for people to study but also a perfect location for those looking for a relaxing holiday in Europe, away from the tourist locations.  


5. Valsugana, Italy 

Dotted with vineyards, castles and snow-covered mountains perfect for skiing, this is the perfect location for you to explore. With quite local hotels and other establishments for you to enjoy, you are away from the tourist traps but surrounded by magical scenery. With rivers, alpine lakes and even fast running streams, you get everything that Italy has to offer without having to visit some of the most tourist-oriented areas of Italy, allowing you to save money in the long term. 


6. Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece 

The isle of Greece is amazing regardless of where you decide to visit. But with a number of tourists traps it can be an expensive location to visit with the family. But with the town of Aglos Nikolaos in Crete, you can enjoy amazing weather, even better food and crystal blue water all at a fraction of the cost. 


7. The Azores, Portugal

This group of volcanic islands, the Azores is one for those looking for rest and relaxation coupled with amazing weather. Not only are there a number of thriving cities, but there is also the option to tour the islands from the water allowing you to experience the wonders that mother nature has provided. Whether you are a fan of photography looking for the perfect image or you are just looking to enjoy some of the best walks that Portugal can offer, this is the perfect location for you. 


8. Caminito Del Rey, Spain 

If you are looking to test the boundaries with new hiking trails, then the Caminito Del Rey trail is the one for you. Though it is one of the most torturous in the area, this is a hiking trail that many have explored. With the path originally being built between 1901 and 1905 to transport material and people between two power stations either side of the gorge. Since then, it has become one of the very many wonders of Spain with people looking to walk across it at every point throughout the year. 


9. Trentino, Italy 

With a number of mountains and the perfect amount of snow, this is the ultimate skiing location that you have never heard of. With a number of resorts as well as relaxing holidays by the lake, this is the perfect location for every weather condition. In addition to this, there are also a number of markets at Christmas time, allowing you to enjoy something new every single time you visit. 


10. Carnago, Italy

The final location that is worth visiting is Carnago in Spain. With a number of historic buildings as well as nature reserves and museums, you can enjoy the depths of history in the area on your own relaxing trip.  With small towns to explore as well as some of the best local restaurants and hotels in the area, allowing you to enjoy the sights that Italy has to offer without spending a small fortune. 

With this in mind, there are a number of locations for you to explore with your friends and family, that provide you with the very best European experience. Which of these amazing locations will you be visiting first? Also if you have recommendations for places we have missed let us know in the comments section below.