Spain is one of the most popular destinations in the world with millions of people visiting every year. Expect facsinating cities, culture, amazing beaches, beautiful islands and a warm climate. Find inspiration for the best things to do if you would like to travel, go backpacking, take a gap year, learn a new skill or move to Spain.


Spain Travel Ideas

Spain Travel Guide

Spain travel guide

Get esstential travel information, tips, itineraries and inspiration for visiting Spain.

  • Population: 46.5 million
  • Capital: Madrid (population 3,300,000 approx)
  • Currency: Euro
  • Official languages: Spanish, Catalan, Galician and Basque
  • Area: 505, 000 sq km


Weather & Best Time to Visit Spain

Spain is an all round destination with a warm Mediterranean climate, even in winter it never really gets that cold. The Canary Islands average around 20oC most months and we highly recommend heading to to coast / islands for summer. April and May are our best time recommendations to visit Spain, this is when the country isn't boiling hot and the weather is comfortable. During July and August the weather can be extremely hot, and also crowded with tourists


How to Get to Spain

Several international and low cost airlines airlines in Europe offer great value flights to Spain. You can also cross from mainland Europe via bus/train which can be cheaper than flying but expect much longer journey times. 


Top Places to Visit in Spain

There are so many highlights:

  • Barcelona - experience one of the best cities in the world, wander around Las Rambles or visit Park Güell with mosaic-covered buildings, Gaudi's sculptural buildings and panoramic views of the city.
  • Balearic Islands - famous for Ibiza and it's world class nightlife, expect buzzing towns, nightclubs and also sandy beaches.
  • Canary Islands - located off northwestern Africa expect beautiful beaches, a warm climate, world class resorts and entertainment including some of the best golf courses in the country
  • Seville - Experience laid back Seville with pretty buildings, fountains, squares and also the Alcázar of Seville - an iconic Moorish-Renaissance royal palace.
  • Teide National Park - A UNESCO-listed world heritage park.
  • Madrid - discover one of the most famous cities in the world, try to take in a football game
  • Costa Brava - a popular summer holiday destination in northeastern Spain with beaches and water parks
  • Costa del Sol - popular with British expats, this area in the south of Spain has pretty coastal towns, beaches and sun


Travelling in Spain

Spain is the ideal place to travel for those with boundless energy, the islands offer a range of things to do, such as scuba diving, windsurfing, horse riding and caving, to name but a few. Of course, it’s also the perfect place to lie back, relax and soak up the rays. Spain is a very laid back country and local people usually have a siesta during the afternoon, sometimes even large cities like Barcelona and Madrid can seem empty and deserted. This can be annoying if you are looking to go shopping or buy something from a local store but once you fall into the culture you will soon get used to it.

Spanish culture is rich and varied. Characterised largely by its laid back attitude and historical heritage, it manages to seamlessly blend old and new which has resulted in one of the most vibrant and interesting art and culture scenes in Europe set in and amongst some of the continent's most historical cultural facilities and architecture. From modern metropolises like Madrid and Barcelona to sleepier spots like Andalucía or San Sebastian, the Iberian culture has something for everyone at varying paces of life. Spanish cities are sure to stir the soul and inspire new and interesting ideas while experiences with more of a focus on surfing and sunbathing on the coast are not to be underestimated

For outdoor enthusiasts Spain is one of the top places to go, offering a wide range of water sports, the unspoilt beaches are a favourite amongst windsurfers and water skiers alike or you could head to one of the islands many other secluded beaches hidden along the coast. You could head North of Barcelona to the Basque region for scenic rural towns and villages or spend time in the islands or amazing cities of Seville, Madrid or Valencia. There are lots of tours and working holidays available where you can experience life well away from tourist resorts.




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