Top 10 Festivals and Celebrations in Spain

Top 10 Festivals and Celebrations in Spain

View our list of the best festivals to see and go to in Spain. Spain is lucky to have lots of festivals all year round, some like Tomatina are more famous and well known than others. Hopefully if you are planning a trip to Spain you can arrange to see one of these festivals which will be amazing to see in person.


1. Tomatina Festival

Tomatina Festival, in Buñol about an hour away from Valencia is where you can get involved in the world's largest tomato fight. This festival is a lot of fun and takes place usually in the last week of August. Thousands of people travel from all over the world to take part and just remember not to wear any expensive clothing!


2. Las Fellas Festival

Las Fallas is one of the better know festivals in Spain and is similar to Guy Falkes night in the UK. During Las Fallas communities in Valencia make giant manakins and burn them. During this festival there are street parties, food and entertainment. Be sure to catch the spectacular fireworks display and get pictures of all the lit up buildings which look really amazing. This festival takes place over five days during March up to Saint Joseph's Day.


3. Feria de Sevilla

The Feria de Sevilla is one of the most colorful festivals in Spain and takes place after Easter. There are events during day and night, with street entertainment, dancing, costumes and music.


4. Carnival

Carnival in Spain, yes Spain not Brazil! This is a yearly event which usually takes place in February around the same time as Carnival in Rio de Janerio. You can join this festival in selected locations throughout Spain and is like a less crazy version of its South America version.


5. Semana Santa Festival

Semana Santa is a religous festival in the week leading up to Easter, people usually carry floats around the streets. There are lots of places to see this festival, we recommend going to Seville, Malaga, Valladolid or Leon to watch it.


6. Tamborrada Festival

Tamborrada is an all day drum festival which takes place in the pretty town of San Sebastian in January. Expect costumes and lots of noise.


7. Cristianos y Moros Festival

Cristianos y Moros is a festival which takes place in Alicante and Southern Spain where people celebrate the Christians taking control of Spain from the Moors.


8. New Year Celebrations

New Year! We have included this fesival even though it is not just in Spain, but expect lots of street parties, fireworks and entertainment. We recommend heading to Las Rambles in Barcelona for a great atmosphere.


9. Semana Grande Festival

Semana Grande is an enjoyable festival which takes places in the Basque region of Spain. There are lots of jazz and music festivals and also general entertainment. Travel to Bilbao during August.


10. Benicassim Music Festival

Benicassim is a four day music festival which attracts some of the best names in the music business. It is located on the spectacular coast inbetween Valencia and Barcelona in July. Previous headliners have included Bob Dylan, Oasis, Franz Ferdinand and in 2013 Arctic Monkeys played the main stage.



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