Spain has world famous cities and iconic tourist attractions but one of the main alluring aspects of the country is the beaches and islands.

You can find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world in Spain, both on the mainland and also the Balearic and Canary islands.

If you love beaches, you will love Spain. But which beaches are best?

With hundreds of beaches to choose from we have put together our top recommendations for the essentia beaches you need to visit.


1. Ses Illetes, Formentera

Formentera beach walk

The popular Balearic Islands of Majorca (Mallorca), Menorca/Minorca (Menorca), Ibiza (Eivissa/Ibiza), and Formentera have so many incredible beaches, you could spend weeks exploring all of them.

For scenery to rival the Caribbean we recommend checking out Ses Illetes in Formentera. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and the world.


2. Correlejo, Fuerteventura

Correlejo, Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is the second largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, and a popular holiday destination. There are beaches dotted all around the island, and Correlejo is one of the most beautiful. 

Expect an incredible white sandy beach which is very popular with international tourists due to the amount of holiday resorts located nearby.


3. Playa de Alcudia, Mallorca

Playa de Alcudia, Mallorca

Mallorca is one of the most beautiful islands in Europe and a popular tourist destination with foreigners. There are lots of spectacular beaches to visit in Mallorca and Playa de Alcudia is one of the best. Expect white sand, lots of water activities, a choice of hotels and endless nightlife options.


4. Playa del Silencio, Asturias

Playa del Silencio, Asturias

Playa del Silencio often gets voted one of the best beaches in Northern Spain - you won't regret visiting. The scenery here is spectacular and even the trip getting here is special.


5. La Concha Beach, San Sebastian

La Concha Beach, San Sebastian

San Sebastian is a popular summer destination with both Spanish and international visitors. There are several beaches to visit here with the Concha being the most popular. The town is very pretty and a beach break here will leave you captivated.


Plan a Beach Break to Spain

Whether you are planning a summer familly holiday, a party trip with your friends, or are keen to take a gap year in Spain, the beaches really are one of the highlights of the country.

To see as much of the country as possibly you might like to check out Spain tours, there are lots of different itineraries where you can travel the mainland and islands.

If you would like move to Spain, or spend a period of time living in the country, these pages can help you arrange an experience.