Where is Malay Spoken

Malay is primarily spoken in Malaysia but you can also find native speakers in others countries in South-East Asia including Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. 



How Many People Speak Malay Worldwide

There is an estimated 18 million Malay speakers around the world.



Useful Words & Phrases for Travelling in Malaysia

Learning some of the language is recommended which will help you be polite and interact with local people. 

Basics & Greetings

  • Hi: Hai 
  • Nice to meet you - Selamat berkenalan! 
  • How are you? - Anda apa khabar? / Apa khabar?  
  • I'm good, thank you - Saya sihat, terima kasih.  
  • And you? - Anda bagaimana?  
  • Sorry - Maaf



  • What is your name? - Siapa nama anda?  
  • Do you speak... English? - Anda boleh bercakap... Bahasa Inggeris?
  • It was nice talking to you - Seronok dapat berborak dengan anda! 
  • I don't understand: Saya tidak faham  
  • What is that called in Malay?: Apa itu dalam Bahasa Melayu?  


Tourism & Sightseeing

  • Can you help me?: Bolehkah anda tolong saya?  
  • Where is the airport? - Di mana lapangan terbang?



  • I have a reservation - Saya ada buat tempahan.  
  • Do you have rooms available? - Anda ada bilik kosong?  
  • How much does it cost per night? - Berapakah caj untuk satu malam?  


Shopping, Buying Things & Eating Out

  • Waiter: Pelayan  
  • How much is this? - Berapakah harga ini?  
  • What is this? - Apa ini?  



  • Help me - Tolong!
  • I am sick - Saya rasa kurang sihat
  • I need a doctor: Saya perlukan doktor 
  • Ambulance - Ambulans 
  • Police - Polis



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