Learn Javanese

Learn Javanese

Javanese is a language spoken on the island of Java in Indonesia and in some other locations in South-East Asia. Around 100 million people speak Javanese around half the population of Indonesia. If you would like to study the basics, or you are planning to visit Java we have put together some useful Javanese words and phrases to help you. These will be very helpful if you are planning on travelling in Java and would like to converse with locals and make your whole experience easier.


Where is Javanese Spoken




  • Hello - Hai
  • What is your name? - Sapa jenengmu?
  • How are you? - Apa kabarmu?
  • I'm good, thank you - Aku apik wae
  • Where are you from? - Saka ngendi asalmu?
  • Do you speak English - Kowe isa ngomong Inggris
  • I speak English - Aku bisa ngomong cara Inggris
  • I don't understand - Aku ora dong
  • Sorry - Sepurane



Food & Buying Things

  • How much is this? - Pira akehe iki?
  • What is this? - Apa iki?




  • Do you have rooms? - Anak kamar sing kosong?
  • How much does it cost per night? - Pira biayane sewengine?
  • Passport - Paspor




  • Bus - Bus
  • Taxi - Taksi
  • Hotel - Hotel
  • Airport - Bandara
  • Where is the airport? - Ing ngendi bandarane?




  • Help: Bantuan
  • Can you help me? - Bisa mbantu aku?
  • I need a doctor - Aku butuh dokter
  • I am sick - Aku lara
  • Ambulance - Ambulans
  • Doctor - Dokter
  • Hospital - Rumah sakit
  • Pharmacy - Apotek
  • Police - Polisi



Days of the Week

  • Monday - Senin
  • Tuesday - Selasa
  • Wednesday - Rebo
  • Thursday - Kemis
  • Friday - Jemuwah
  • Saturday - Setu
  • Sunday - Minggu/Ahad




  • 1 - Siji
  • 2 - Loro
  • 3 - Telu
  • 4 - Papat
  • 5 - Limå
  • 6 - Enem
  • 7 - Pitu
  • 8 - Wolu
  • 9 - Sångå
  • 10 - Sepuluh
  • 20 - Rongpuluh
  • 30 - Telung puluh
  • 40 - Patang puluh
  • 50 - Sèket
  • 60 - Suwidak
  • 70 - Pitung puluh
  • 80 - Wolung puluh
  • 90 - Sangang puluh
  • 100 - Satus
  • 1,000 - Sèwu
  • 1,000,000 - Sak yutå




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