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The rewards for the volunteering assignment are, next to our thai language course, the possibility to experience the lifestyle and culture of the isaan rural region and to gain knowledge about the international economic relationships.

Life is different elsewhere

Simply dropping out - into another world - the dream of many people. Our idea is a little different - not dropping out but dropping in! To immerge yourself, living and working in another country, another culture to meet different people with different problems, different priorities and different living standards. it requires courage to take a step like this but the reward is immense as well - the experience you'll make will widen your horizon and provide you with a different set of values and perspectives.
Volunteering is not a question of age

Volunteers serving in a foreign country where in the main younger people - following the common illusion that younger people are more dynamic, durable, engaged and more flexible than the elder people. The hapbits organisation is accutely aware of the many benefits that especially older volunteers can bring into a project.

It really doesn't matter to us, to be honest, if you are a young or an older person we are happy about everybody who is willing to donate their individual talents and skills and/or money to help us to achieve our goals. Naturally we presuppose that the volunteer is in good health and is able to communicate in english.

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