Volunteer in Hong Kong

Would you like to do something more rewarding than just sightseeing? Consider signing up to volunteer in Hong Kong. Whether you are planning a short break, or would like to stay a little longer there are local organisations which are always in need of assistance. You can choose from helping people, wildlife and the environment. 


Volunteer Opportunities in Hong Kong

Find volunteer work in Hong Kong for English speakers.

Volunteer in Hong Kong

Guide to Volunteering in Hong Kong

By volunteering in this spectacular destination you will get to be far more than your average tourist, mix with locals and get a rewarding experience like no other. If you are really short on time you might want to do a day visit to check the incredible work happening or even give a donation. Most local volunteer organisations in Hong Kong usually require a 1 week+ commitment from participants but there are shorter durations available too. 


Types of Programs

  • Community Development
  • Childcare
  • Eco tourism and nature conservation
  • Animal rescue and rehabilitiation

There are so many rewarding and exciting placements available with children and youngsters in Hong Kong including coaching sports like football and basketball, helping at schools, working on care and communtiy projects. Projects are located throughout Hong Kong, this country is only small and getting around is fairly easy. 


Language Requirements

Most local staff speak English but it is recommended you try to learn some basic Cantonese words and phrases. Some organisations only accept fluent Cantonese speakers but it really depends on the nature of the project. It would be a shame to be in Hong Kong working alongside local people and not knowing any of the local language so you might want to buy a phrase book, book language lessons in China or learn online. Knowing just a few basic phrases will make a huge difference especially if you are going to be working with people.


Eligibility & How to Apply

Usually you will need to be aged 18+ to apply but some organisations accept younger volunteers and also families. There are local organisations who offer volunteer projects in Hong Kong, you can contact these via our website.



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