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Go For Impact Today- GFIT is a nonprofit organization, operating in Burundi, Bujumbura, dedicated to raising a responsible generation in communities through education, community action and collaborative networks. 

Our focus areas are:

Youth Development
We believe that young people are the hope of our country; once they are empowered and well trained, they may be able to take sound decisions and be able to fight against any kind of corruption. We create skills acquisition programs to equip and encourage the young Burundian to be self-employed in various capacity.

Climate Change
We protect our mother land through cleaning the cities, planting trees, cleaning beaches.  We sensitize Burundians on how to be environmental friendly and educate them on the adverse effects of brutalizing.

We promote education of poor and disabled children of Burundi by sending them to school or providing them school materials needed.

Inclusion of People with Disabilities
We have been working with talented people with physical disabilities whose great ideas were excluded for many years. We support their initiatives and promote their gifts.  

Community organizing- We support initiatives of young people within their communities and train them in leadership skills by being led by the idea that "what we can't do alone, we can often accomplish together”.


Teaching English to teachers from deaf and blind school was born after conducting researches about the English level of the teachers. Every teacher in their programs, has a course of English to teach to students but they are not qualified about it.

According to our interviewees, they are not confident to what they are delivering to their students. The outcome is seen when the students who had graduated from those two schools want to pursue their further studies. As in Burundi we do not have an inclusive university, the graduated students from those two schools must go in Rwanda or other countries where the teaching language is English. Students find difficult to study in English as their English level is too low.

That is why GFIT started this free class to build the capacities of the teachers so that they may teach well English to their students. The social impact of this is that Students after finishing their high schools will be able to pursue their studies in any country

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