Useful Thai Words & Phrases for Travelers

Useful Thai Words & Phrases for Travelers

As a tourist in Thailand it will be beneficial to learn some basic words and phrases before departing. Not only will you be able to impress the locals but you will make the experience of traveling around Thailand easier. There are some easy essential phrases you can pick up with our guide, check them out today.

Whether you are planning a short holiday or a longer gap year to Thailand, our essential words and phrases will be helpful to you. Also if you would like to combine sightseeing with learning there is also the option to book a Thai language class in Thailand which are great value and available to book throughout the country.

There are so many great words and phrases you can learn but these basics are a good starting point:



  • Hello - Sà-wàt-dee
  • How are you? - Sà-baai dee măi
  • Goodbye - Báai baai



  • How are you? - Sabaii dee mai khrab / kha ? 
  • I am great/fine - Sabaii dee khrab / kha
  • Yes - Chai khrab / kha
  • No - Mai chai khrab / kha
  • Thank you very much - Khob khun mak khrab /kha
  • What is your name? Kun chêu a-rai?
  • My name is - Pŏm chêu (m) / Rao chêu (f)
  • Where are you from?- Kun maa jàak năi
  • I'm from - Pŏm maa jàak 
  • Do you speak English? - Pôot ang-grìt dâai măi
  • I dont understand Thai - Pasa Thai mai khao jai khrab / kha
  • What does this mean? - An née bplae wâa à-rai?
  • Do you understand? - Khâo jai mái


Restaurants / Eating Out

  • Do you have an English menu? - Mee may-noo paa-săa ang-grìt măi
  • I am a vegetarian - Pŏm gin mang-sà-wí-rát
  • Where is the washroom? - Hong nam yoo nai khrab / kha 



  • Help - Chûay dûay
  • Fire - Fai mâi
  • Stop - Yùt
  • Call the police - Rîak dtam-rùat maa!


Wondering how to say days of the week and months of the year in Thai? Read on...


Days of the Week

  • Monday - Wan jan
  • Tuesday - Wan ang-kaan
  • Wednesday - Wan pút
  • Thursday - Wan pá-réu-hàt-sà-bor-dee
  • Friday - Wan sùk
  • Saturday - Wan săo
  • Sunday - Wan aa-tít



  • January - Mók-gà-raa kom 
  • February - Gum-paa pan
  • March - Mee-naa kom
  • April - May-săa-yon
  • May - Préut-sà-paa kom
  • June - Mí-tù-naa-yon
  • July - Gà-rá-gà-daa-kom
  • August - Sĭng hăa kom
  • September - Gan-yaa-yon
  • October - Dtù-laa kom
  • November - Préut-sà-jì-gaa-yon
  • December - Tan-waa kom



  • 0 - Suun
  • 1 - Neung 
  • 2 - Saawng
  • 3 - Saam
  • 4 - See
  • 5 - haa
  • 6 - HohkL
  • 7 - JetL
  • 8 - Bpaaet
  • 9 - Gaao
  • 10 - Sip
  • 100 - Raawy
  • 1,000 - Phan
  • 10,000 - Meuun
  • 100,000  - Saaen
  • 1,000,000 - Laan



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