travel to Iceland then we highly recommend learning some of the basics of the local language. Check our our essential words and phrases which will be very helpful when visiting the country...

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Useful Words & Phrases for Travelling in Iceland

Useful Words & Phrases for Travelling in Iceland

If you are going to travel to Iceland then we highly recommend learning some of the basics of the local language. Check our our essential words and phrases which will be very helpful when visiting the country...


Greetings / Basics

  • Hello - Halló
  • Goodbye - Bless
  • Good morning - Góðan dag
  • Good afternoon - Góðan dag
  • Good evening - Gott kvöld
  • See you soon - Sjáumst bráðlega
  • Thanks - Takk
  • Thank you - Þakka þér fyrir
  • Yes - Já
  • No - Nei
  • No thank you - Nei takk



  • What is your name? - Hvað heitirðu?
  • My name is (Paul)... - Ég heiti (Paul)...
  • Where are you from? - Hvaðan ertu?
  • I'm here on vacation - Ég er hérna í fríi



  • Where is the tourist office? - Hvar er ferðamannaskrifstofan?
  • Museum - Safn
  • Is it open today? - Er opið í dag?


Transport & Getting Around

  • Do you have a map of...? - Áttu til kort af...?
  • A single ticket - Miði aðra leið
  • Two tickets please - Tvo miða takk
  • I'd like to go to... - Ég vil fara til...


Shopping / Buying Things

  • I'm looking for a... - Ég er að leita að...
  • Where can I buy...? - Hvar get ég keypt..?
  • Please - Vinsamlegast
  • Can I pay by credit card? - Get ég borgað með kreditkorti?
  • How much does this cost? - Hvað kostar þetta?
  • Expensive - Þetta er of dýrt



  • Where is the hospital? - Hvar er spítalinn?
  • I need a doctor - Ég þarf læknishjálp
  • Help - Hjálp
  • Police - Lögregluna
  • Ambulance - Sjúkrabíl!


Days of the Week

  • Monday - Mánudagur
  • Tuesday - Þriðjudagur
  • Wednesday - Miðvikudagur
  • Thursday - Fimmtudagur
  • Friday - Föstudagur
  • Saturday - Laugardagur
  • Sunday - Sunnudagur



  • 1 - Einn
  • 2 - Tveir
  • 3 - Þrír
  • 4 - Fjórir
  • 5 - Fimm
  • 6 - Sex
  • 7 - Sjö
  • 8 - Átta
  • 9 - Níu
  • 10 - Tíu
  • 20 - Tuttugu
  • 30 - Þrjátíu
  • 40 - Fjörutíu
  • 50 - Fimmtíu
  • 60 - Sextíu
  • 70 - Sjötíu
  • 80 - Áttatíu
  • 90 - Níutíu
  • 100 - Hundrað
  • 101 - Hundrað og einn
  • 1000 - Þúsund
  • 1,000,000 - Milljón


If you would like to pick up more than just the basics you might want to check out Icelandic language schools in Iceland.


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