For over 75 years EIL has been organising volunteering and cultural exchange programmes for individuals and groups. Whether you want to make a difference in the lives of others and your own by volunteering in another country, or if you want to really get inside another language and culture by living and studying there, or perhaps you want to teach English as a foreign language, be it to a family in another country who are trying to improve their opportunities or to help support an NGO, a small business, or help a teacher give their students the golden opportunity of access to someone who speaks English as their first language, EIL UK has a programme for you.

We are part of an international federation of partner organisations which since 1937 has been breaking down barriers to mutual understanding by bringing together people from different cultures.

Our range of programmes involves people of all ages from a variety of different communities. We have a track record of working with young people, including those who are disadvantaged, both nationally and internationally. We are currently expanding this area of work and in particular programmes which improve community cohesion and integration.


Our programmes include:

  • Volunteer Abroad
  • Study Abroad
  • Conversation Corps
  • Conversation Partner
  • IHP: International
  • IHP: UK
  • Groups