ALPHA SCHOOL is a high school and a university teaching English as well as supporting an NGO with orphaned kids in our community. Our school was founded in 1997.

ALPHA SCHOOL has a goal which is to develop our country hrough education but also to advance the work of God, it is a Christian education then, there are 400 students in our high school and 200 our university whose field is English language and communication

We are located in the suburb of the capital of Madagascar, Antanananarivo. We also have had  NGO for few years supporting 30 orphaned kids in terms of education, medical service, food and their basic needs.

Duration / Dates

We want to have english teachers to teach english to the orphaned kids we support, no experience required.

Costs / Pay

We will take care of everything the volunteer may need once he or she gets in Madagascar.

Contact / Enquiry


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