If you want, you can also get your Mandarin skills up quickly with a Chinese course at our Beijing Chinese language school before attending a high school in China.

Experience a completely different culture, people, education system, and language while living in one of the world’s most exciting and fastest changing cities, Beijing.

Students live with a Chinese host family while studying abroad and experience the international Chinese education system first hand.

Classes are taught in either Mandarin or English, however because all teachers and most students are Chinese the common language throughout the school and most of the classes is Chinese.

The school has excellent facilities, with a football court, swimming pool, track and field courts, two canteens, modern class rooms and a highly qualified teaching team.

There are many after school activities and clubs, including music, sports, dancing, painting, calligraphy and so on. Students eat lunch together at the school canteen, but breakfast and dinner will be eaten with the homestay family.

Your class will have approximately 20 other students in it and most likely you will be the only non-Chinese student. This means you might be a very popular person to sit next to, as there is usually quite a bit of competition who will sit next to the foreign exchange student next semester.

Getting into this Chinese high school is quite competitive and your class mates will be performing academically quite well.

However, the general atmosphere is a bit more relaxed than at most other Chinese high schools, because the students plan to study abroad. This means they will not have to take the super competitive Chinese gaokao university examinations that most teenagers between 15 and 18 spend almost all their time studying for, leaving little time to enjoy life outside school. Most students will have traveled abroad and speak comparatively good English.



  • Season - Start Date - End Date
  • Fall Semester: 03 September - 01 February
  • Spring Semester: 20 February - 05 July
  • Fall Semester: 27 August - 20 January
  • Spring Semester: 12 February  - 30 June

Note: Small changes in the dates are possible, as the Education Ministry sometimes adjusts school starting dates by a few days.


Prices (Chinese Yuan)

  • One Semester: 72,646 CNY
  • Two Semesters: 87,778 CNY



  • High School Tuition and placement (international department)
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Homestay Accommodation
  • 24/7 Support from the LTL team + Legal Guardian
  • Visa invitations
  • Orientation Day at LTL Mandarin School Beijing