Commencing with the dedication of our "green" dojo on 22 rural acres, Aikido in Fredericksburg has offered the best Uchideshi facilities. Located 1.4 miles off the beaten path between Washington, DC, and Richmond, VA (US).

An Uchideshi is a “live-in student” who participates in intensive training supervised by our 6th dan Chief Instructor with the support of our dozens of black belt senior students. With the opportunity to train 20 hours per week or more, progress to blackbelt and beyond can be swift.  Stays of one week to one year can be arranged. It can be perfect for a gap year or a personal retreat.

We are one of the few dojos with an Uchideshi program that accepts beginners as well as dan rank holders. Beginners and advanced students of Aikido can participate and will receive an immersion experience of direct transmission of Aikido. Reasonable costs cover training and housing (some barter opportunities exist, too). Requirements for a long-term stay are health insurance and an open mind.

Assist with organic gardening, native landscaping, and community service.  Grow as a person. As an Uchideshi, you will challenge yourself, have fun, and learn traditional Aikido via this immersion program.