Language and Culture Program Description

Learning Spanish language and culture: You will be learning to speak Spanish and Spanish culture in group lessons aimed to make you feel comfortable and secure with the language in a professional cooking environment. The school will evaluate your level of knowledge through an on-line test that you send along with your enrollment application. You will be informed of the results of your test before your departure and when you arrive you will have an oral exam which will give us a guide as to how many Spanish lessons you will need. It is obligatory to take 2 weeks of Spanish course at least (40 hours) irrespective of your level of Spanish. If you are already bilingual you will take a cultural course focused in Spain and cooking traditions.

Professional hands-on cooking courses

You will take professional hands-on cooking courses towards an internship in a restaurant, Hotel, Hostel or Resorts. The cooking courses are given along with or after the language lessons. Courses are given in English by professional experienced local chefs. These lessons will prepare you to be fully immersed in a real professional cooking environment by learning hands-on how to prepare numerous and authentic dishes such as: soups, meat, fish, rice dishes, sauces, vegetables and desserts. You and your classmates will taste all the dishes prepared.

Culinary Internship

During the internship you will be training in the city or the surrounding area at the most appropriate culinary establishment for your culinary skills level. This is where you will learn all the tricks of the trade.


Students participating in internships do receive monetary compensation (200 €uros…US$260/ monthly).


The internship will be 30 hours per week.


Students will live in a shared basic accommodation (apartment or onsite, upon of the city) in a safe city area, living like other Spaniards. Apartments will have free internet wireless for your convenience (hotel accommodations will not guaranty free internet access)


Students will have support and supervision at all times while taking Spanish language and cooking courses as well during the internship.


At the end of the program they will get a Certificate from the Hemingway Institute and reference letter from the Chef where you completed your culinary internship.

Length of time

Any time during the year. The program is flexible and students can choose their own dates.